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Heidi Firkus Murder Case Where Is Heidi Firkus Killer Nick Firkus Now?

The mysterious death of Heidi Firkus in 2010 sparked widespread interest and debate. With allegations, suspicions, and a decade-long wait for justice, the case has all the twists and turns characteristic of a classic crime drama. Thanks to Dateline NBC’s investigative reporting, viewers are given a deep dive into the intricacies of this chilling case in their episode titled “65 Seconds,” set to air on October 20, 2023.

The Crime Scene – April 2010

In the early hours of April 25, 2010, the serene St. Paul neighborhood was disrupted by a frantic 911 call from Heidi Firkus. She reported a home invasion. Shortly after, another call was made by her husband, Nick Firkus, describing a confrontation with an intruder and the firing of a gun, injuring both him and Heidi. Tragically, Heidi succumbed to her injuries.

For years, the focus of the investigation shifted towards locating a mysterious Black male intruder – a description provided by Nick. However, evidence, or the lack thereof, started pointing in a different direction.

A Decade of Silence

After over a decade had gone by since Heidi’s murder had gone unsolved, Nick seemed to move forward from it by marrying Rachel and having three more children together; seemingly leaving behind all thoughts of Heidi’s death and its investigation. Yet as financial strains returned and suspicions surfaced that led him back into investigating it further – culminating in a breakthrough on that old case.

Rachel’s Suspicions and Nick’s Arrest

By 2021, Rachel started becoming wary of their financial status. Unbeknownst to her, the couple was behind on their mortgage payments, which mirrored the circumstances Nick and Heidi found themselves in a decade earlier. This eerie parallel made Rachel uneasy and compelled her to approach law enforcement with her concerns.

Nick’s arrest in May 2021 was influenced by his second wife’s suspicions and Police Sgt. Nichole Sipes’ investigative prowess. The arrest shocked many who had assumed the case had gone cold forever.

The Trial and Prosecution’s Standpoint

As Nick Firkus stood trial in 2023, the prosecution laid out a detailed timeline, painting a picture of a man overwhelmed by financial woes. The crux of their argument revolved around the idea that Nick had hidden the gravity of their financial situation from Heidi and, fearing humiliation and possible confrontation, took her life. They suspected that his story about an attempted home invasion may have been invented to divert attention away from himself and get out of trouble with law enforcement authorities.

Evidence such as lack of signs of forced entry and inconsistencies in Nick’s story were presented during court. The most compelling evidence was the absence of any other DNA or physical evidence suggesting the presence of a third party, the supposed intruder.

Verdict and Aftermath

After lengthy court proceedings and examination of evidence, a unanimous jury reached its verdict; Nick Firkus was found guilty of first-degree murder. For many it brought relief; others including family and friends of Firkus struggled with its reality.

Nick received a life sentence without parole upon trial, thus sealing his fate and placing him behind bars at Rush City Correctional Facility as reported by Minnesota Department of Corrections records.

Media Attention and Public Perception

The case garnered significant attention, both locally and nationally. Dateline NBC’s “65 Seconds” episode offers an in-depth analysis, revealing interviews, and detailed chronology of the events. As viewers await this deep dive, discussions and speculations about the case remain rife on online platforms, forums, and social media, highlighting society’s enduring fascination with true crime stories.

Nick Firkus’ case serves as a stark reminder of humankind’s unpredictability and its capacity for deceit, leading to intricate webs of deception that often go undetected until later revealed through details and new insight. One thing remains undeniable; no matter the duration, justice remains of paramount importance.


  1. What is the Nick Firkus case about?
    Nick Firkus was convicted of murdering his wife, Heidi, in 2010, blaming a non-existent intruder for the crime.
  2. When was Nick Firkus arrested and charged?
    Over a decade post-crime, Nick Firkus was arrested in May 2021 after his second wife, Rachel, expressed suspicions.
  3. What was Nick’s explanation for Heidi’s death?
    Nick initially claimed a Black male intruder broke into their home, leading to a confrontation and the fatal shooting.
  4. How long did the trial last?
    The cold case was reopened in 2021, and Nick Firkus was found guilty of first-degree murder in February 2023.
  5. Where is Nick Firkus Now?
    Nick Firkus is serving a life sentence at Rush City Correctional Facility, as per Minnesota Department of Corrections.

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