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Who Is Todd Smith? Where Is Todd Smith Now? A Deep Dive Into His Life And Convictions

When you think of a man who has faced a series of unfortunate events, one might point to Todd Smith, formerly known as Todd Raprager. His life is marked by both personal tragedies and regrettable choices. We take a closer look into one man who once confessed to arson only to later face accusations for an even graver offense.

Who Was Todd Smith before the spotlight?

Todd Smith, originally named Todd Raprager, had his roots grounded in relatively ordinary circumstances. Born in 1968, Todd’s early years were seemingly uneventful. However, in 1992, Todd made the decision to change his last name after marrying Teresa in Jamaica. Love blossomed between the two, leading Todd to make the official transition to Todd Smith. They welcomed three daughters into this world and presented an image of happiness – yet appearances can often be deceptive.

What led to Todd’s first run-in with the law?

In 1985, when Todd was just 17 years old, a dark side of him emerged. After admitting to disconnecting a gas line in the family home, a massive explosion ensued. The family, comprised of his mother, stepfather, and three half-siblings, miraculously escaped without injuries. The motivation behind Todd’s act stemmed from disagreements with his mother, and his intention was merely to frighten her. Such a grave mistake at such a young age led Todd to face the legal consequences. Instead of going to trial, he pleaded guilty to arson, resulting in a 30-month probation period and 160 hours of community service.

How did his life change post the arson incident?

Despite the early hiccups in his life, Todd seemed to be on a path of redemption. His marriage to Teresa brought stability to his life. They became parents to three beautiful daughters, and for a while, happiness pervaded their household. However, the joy was short-lived as cracks began to emerge. By 2001, Teresa sought a divorce, marking the end of their union. Not long after, Todd entered into a relationship with Katrina, whom he subsequently married. Their lives in Rockford, Illinois, however, would be marred by tragedy.

What happened to Katrina Smith?

On October 22, 2012, Todd began an uncertain new chapter of his life; one full of accusations and investigations. Katrina vanished without trace with Todd being her last known contact; two weeks later an off-duty firefighter discovered Katrina’s lifeless body in Rock River near where Todd lived; an autopsy later confirmed she died due to blunt force trauma to the head.

Did evidence point towards Todd’s involvement?

Suspicion immediately fell on Todd. A search of his residence on October 30, 2012, yielded potential evidence: a laptop and a seemingly blood-stained baseball bat. Forensic analysis was swift and definitive; the blood on the bat was a match for Katrina. With the evidence mounting against him, Todd faced charges of first-degree murder and concealing a homicide.

What was the verdict in Todd’s trial?

The trial, filled with suspense and drama, culminated on January 25, 2017. The jury delivered their verdict — guilty. Todd Smith was found guilty of first-degree murder on April 4, 2017, and sentenced to 59 years of incarceration by the courts. Although his attempts at appealing were denied by them, this sentence remains unchanged and appeals are declined by them.

What are the aftermath and sentiments of Todd’s family?

The impact of Todd’s actions reverberated throughout his family. Paige Smith, the eldest daughter from his marriage to Teresa, found herself at a crossroads. She faced a dilemma: to maintain a relationship with her father or seek the truth. Her last conversation with Todd post-verdict was heart-wrenching. Desiring closure, she demanded the truth from her father, only to be met with silence. Todd Smith currently remains behind bars serving his 59-year sentence for sexually assaulting her, leading her to break off their relationship.

Overall, Todd Smith serves as an important lesson on the effects of our decisions and choices – both positive and negative – long into the future. The ripples from his actions continue to touch many lives today – providing yet another stark reminder of both humanity’s love for one another as well as its capacity for evil.


1. Who is Todd Smith?

  • Todd Smith, formerly Todd Raprager, was convicted in 2017 for the first-degree murder of his wife, Katrina Smith.

2. Why was Todd Smith in the news?

  • Todd was spotlighted for Katrina Smith’s murder in 2012, leading to a high-profile trial and his subsequent conviction in 2017.

3. Was Todd involved in any prior criminal activities?

  • In 1985, at age 17, Todd admitted to arson after causing an explosion in his family home, narrowly avoiding casualties.

4. How long is Todd Smith’s prison sentence?

  • Todd Smith received a 59-year prison sentence for the first-degree murder of Katrina and for concealing a homicide.

5. What was the key evidence against Todd?

  • A baseball bat with Katrina’s DNA, found in Todd’s garage, was a significant piece of evidence leading to his conviction.

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