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Terry Robinson Obituary And Cause Of Death What Happened To Terry Robinson? How Did He Died?

Terry Robinson may not be well known to the general public, but for those closest to him he was an inspiration of strength, love, and dedication. After his untimely passing in September 2023 brought into focus familial bonds, relationships between loved ones, community involvement – something this article hopes to address by providing insight into Terry’s life, commitments, influences within his locality etc.

Who Was Terry Robinson

Terry Robinson led an exceptional life as a husband, father and grandfather – roles which defined much of his existence and left an indelible mark on many in Canada and beyond. Born into one such loving family he spent much of his time creating unforgettable memories that will remain etched upon hearts forevermore.

Family Ties

Married to Lucy Robinson, their bond was emblematic of timeless love and mutual respect. Together, they built a life marked by cherished moments, nurturing their children, Mike and Tina, and witnessing the growth of their grandchildren.

Mike, married to Liz, shared a unique bond with Terry, reminiscent of father-son duos who wear multiple hats – as confidants, as friends, and as guides. Tina’s relationship with her father was equally special. Married to Tim Bond, Tina often leaned on her father for counsel, support, and the comforting embrace that only a father can provide.

Beyond his immediate family, Terry was a beacon of hope and joy for his five grandchildren – Dylan, Naomi, Tanner, Teigen, and Taytum. Each of them held a special place in Terry’s heart, and he, in turn, played an influential role in their formative years.

A Community Pillar

While details of Terry’s professional life or community involvement are not explicitly mentioned, the venue and nature of his memorial indicate a strong bond with the community. The Sutton Legion, located at 21 East Street, Sutton, Ontario, where Terry’s life will be celebrated, is a testimony to his local ties. Such legions often play a pivotal role in community service, veterans’ support, and local philanthropy. Terry’s association with this establishment indicates a man deeply rooted in his community’s welfare and progress.

Terry’s Legacy and Celebration of Life

As part of Terry’s ongoing legacy and to honor him and his untiring contributions to many lives around him, an event will take place from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm at Sutton Legion to commemorate and pay homage to a life well lived, one filled with kindness, generosity and patience exemplified through love, patience and kindliness.

Terry was known for being selfless; this gesture shows this with their request that donations to the Canadian Cancer Society instead of flowers be given as tribute. Such actions speak volumes about who he was as an individual who valued giving back and championing causes that made a positive difference; his character, empathy and desire to leave an indelible mark remain visible even today.

Concluding Thoughts

Though Terry Robinson wasn’t a name known globally or even nationally, his life’s story resonates with many. He epitomizes the everyday heroes we encounter – loving fathers, supportive spouses, doting grandparents, and community pillars. His legacy, while personal to his family, serves as a universal reminder of the essence of life – relationships, community bonds, and selfless giving.

In a world where fame often overshadows genuine contributions, Terry Robinson’s life stands as a testament to the unsung heroes who make a difference in their own unique ways. Terry Robinson left behind an incredible legacy; one which speaks of an inspiring life story dedicated to silent heroes that work tirelessly day by day to make our planet better places. His story stands as an inspiring testament for their efforts in improving world at large.


  1. Who was Terry Robinson?
    • Terry Robinson was a Canadian resident who passed away in September 2023, remembered as a loving family man.
  2. Is Terry Robinson’s memorial open to all?
    • Yes, a celebration of Terry’s life is scheduled for March 23, 2024, at Sutton Legion in Ontario.
  3. How can people honor Terry Robinson’s memory?
    • In lieu of flowers, donations to the Canadian Cancer Society are appreciated by his family.
  4. Who are Terry Robinson’s immediate family members?
    • He’s survived by wife Lucy, children Mike (Liz) and Tina (Tim Bond), and five grandchildren.
  5. Where will Terry Robinson’s life be celebrated?
    • The celebration is at Sutton Legion, 21 East Street, Sutton, Ontario, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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