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Dusty Street Obituary And Cause Of Death Pioneering Former KROQ DJ, Dies At 77 After Battle With Cancer

In the ever-evolving landscape of radio broadcasting, few voices have achieved the iconic status that Dusty Street DJ held. Her transcendent influence, spanning over five decades, was felt not just through the radio frequencies but also deeply embedded in the hearts of her listeners. News of her passing, on October 21st 2023, sent shockwaves through the radio community worldwide and marked an extraordinary era in radio history. This article details her remarkable career journey – its trials and triumphs – along with what legacy she leaves behind.

The Rise of Dusty Street

Born in an era where rock and roll was emerging as the voice of a generation, Dusty Street DJ carved her niche in this dynamic milieu. She began her journey at KMPX in San Francisco in 1967, a trailblazing underground rock station. Within two years, she transitioned to KASN, marking the start of a decade-long stint. Her magnetic presence and resonant voice made her an instant hit with audiences across ages.

Relocating to Los Angeles: A New Chapter

The late 1970s witnessed Street’s relocation to Los Angeles, the city that would later become synonymous with her indelible radio presence. Joining KROQ-FM in Pasadena, her evening show, aired from 6 to 9 p.m., became an essential part of many listeners’ routine. However, more than just a DJ, Street was a storyteller, seamlessly weaving personal anecdotes with her playlist, making every broadcast an intimate affair.

A Vocal Advocate: Standing up for Music

Dusty Street was not one to shy away from voicing her opinions, especially when it came to defending the sanctity of music. In the face of movements like the Parents Music Resource Center’s initiative to rate rock music lyrics, Street emerged as a fierce critic. Her advocacy went beyond mere on-air discussions; she actively engaged in larger dialogues, ensuring the integrity of music remained uncompromised.

Overcoming Personal and Professional Challenges

The journey to the pinnacle of success is often strewn with challenges, and Street was no stranger to them. As radio dynamics shifted, she faced hurdles in securing consistent employment, a scenario many in the industry are familiar with. Moreover, health challenges further added to her struggles. A major spinal surgery and the subsequent financial implications highlighted the vulnerabilities even legends face. Yet, through these trials, her spirit remained undeterred, a testament to her resilience.

Legacy and Tributes: Remembering a Radio Icon

The aftermath of Dusty Street DJ’s passing saw an outpouring of emotions, from colleagues to fans, from all corners of the world. Nevada Broadcasters Association’s tribute epitomizes the sentiments of many, lauding her as one of the pioneering female rock DJs in the U.S. The numerous tributes on social media platforms like Facebook are a testimony to the indelible mark she left in the hearts of many.

Dusty Street DJ was more than just a voice on the radio; she was an institution, a bridge between music and its ardent lovers. While her physical presence may have dimmed, her legacy will resonate for generations to come. Her journey, marked by monumental successes and poignant challenges, serves as an inspiration, reminding us of the power of passion, dedication, and resilience.


  1. What was the cause of Dusty Street DJ’s death?
    • Dusty Street DJ passed away after a prolonged battle with cancer on October 21, 2023.
  2. Who was with Dusty Street during her final moments?
    • Friends Scott Primeau and Geno Michellini accompanied her during her last hours.
  3. Where did Dusty Street DJ pass away?
    • She died in a serene location overlooking a beautiful lake, surrounded by love and comfort.
  4. How long was Dusty Street’s radio career?
    • Dusty Street DJ’s illustrious radio career spanned over five remarkable decades.
  5. How are fans and colleagues remembering Dusty Street?
    • Many are sharing heartfelt tributes and memories across social media, celebrating her iconic radio legacy.

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