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Who Is Jennifer Lucrea Pinto Aka JennyBean? Meet Dave Courtney Ex-Wife!

Dave Courtney, the name that resonated through the underworld of the UK for years, now echoes with a different sentiment. The gangster’s unexpected death at the age of 64 has left many in shock. Known for his notorious activities, charismatic personality, and tumultuous personal life, Courtney’s life was as unpredictable as his death. Here, we delve into the various facets of his life, from his criminal reign to his intriguing love life with Jennifer Lucrea Pinto, better known as JennyBean.

Who Was Dave Courtney?

Born and raised in London, Dave Courtney emerged as one of the most feared figures in the UK’s criminal underworld. Over the years, he solidified his reputation through a blend of charm, ruthlessness, and street smarts. He ran nightclubs, was involved in protection rackets, and even claimed to have had connections with the infamous Kray twins. However, amid the dark alleys of crime and mischief, there was another side to Courtney – a lover of arts, an entrepreneur, and a family man.

Dave’s Affair with the World of Crime

Dave’s initiation into the world of crime started young. His geographical upbringing played a crucial role in his inclination towards illegal activities. As he grew older, his influence expanded, touching various facets of criminal endeavors from loan sharking to extortion. His network was vast, and his reputation made him both an ally and a formidable enemy.

While he reveled in his outlaw status, Dave was also an astute businessman. He owned clubs and other ventures, ensuring a steady stream of income to fund his lavish lifestyle. Yet, it was not just about money for Dave. Power and respect were currencies he valued deeply. Even as the law closed in on him multiple times, he always found a way out, be it through connections or sheer wit.

Who Was Jennifer Lucrea Pinto aka JennyBean?

Amidst the shadows of his criminal life, Dave’s love story with Jennifer Lucrea Pinto, artistically known as JennyBean, added another layer of complexity to his persona. Jennifer, a budding rap artist in the late ’80s, met Dave in one of his clubs. The chance encounter at the Fitness Center club in 1989 changed the trajectory of both their lives.

Jennifer, along with her sister, performed at the club, catching Dave’s eye. Their professional interaction soon turned personal, and Dave, always the charmer, made his intentions clear from the get-go. Despite Jennifer initially being unaware of his criminal background, love blossomed.

JennyBean’s rap career saw a steady rise, with her powerful lyrics and stage presence captivating audiences. As she navigated the music world, Dave remained a constant support, often leveraging his connections for her benefit. However, it wasn’t all roses. Their love faced numerous challenges, from external influences to personal disagreements.

Turbulent Times and Controversies

No love story is without its ups and downs, and Dave and Jennifer’s relationship was no exception. In 2004, their relationship faced severe strain due to allegations of Dave assaulting Jennifer over rumors of her having a lesbian affair. The incident brought intense media scrutiny, adding to their already tumultuous relationship.

The case dragged on for years, finally culminating in a trial in 2012. The four-day legal battle saw Dave being acquitted of all charges. However, the damage to their relationship was done, and they parted ways.


Dave Courtney’s life was a whirlwind of emotions, actions, and reactions. From his rise in the underworld to his love story with JennyBean, every chapter of his life was filled with intrigue. As the world mourns his untimely demise, it’s essential to remember him not just for his crimes but also for the multi-faceted individual he was. His legacy, though tainted by his criminal activities, also comprises love, passion, and an undeniable zeal for life.


1. Who was Dave Courtney?
Dave Courtney was a prominent UK gangster known for his criminal activities, nightclubs, and ties to the underworld.

2. How did Dave Courtney die?
Dave Courtney tragically took his own life at his Plumstead home, known as Camelot Castle, using a firearm.

3. Who is Jennifer Lucrea Pinto aka JennyBean?
Jennifer Lucrea Pinto, or JennyBean, is a rap artist who was married to Dave Courtney and met him in 1989.

4. How did Dave and Jennifer meet?
They met at the Fitness Center club in 1989 where JennyBean and her sister were performing as rap artists.

5. Were there any controversies in Dave and Jennifer’s relationship?
Yes, in 2004, Dave was accused of assaulting Jennifer over rumors of her lesbian affair but was acquitted in 2012.

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