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Former Mayo Clinic Doctor Accused Of Killing Wife With Poison Everything We Know So Far!

In Rochester, a seemingly ordinary couple’s life took a sudden dark turn, leading to a tragedy that has left the community shaken. As we delve into the life of Betty Bowman, her tragic demise, and the subsequent allegations against her husband, Connor Fitzgerald Bowman, a picture of love, deception, and possible betrayal begins to emerge.

Who Was Betty Bowman?

Betty Bowman, a talented and devoted pharmacist, was an employee at the renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Married to Connor Fitzgerald Bowman in 2021 in Independence, Missouri, she was known for her kindness and intelligence. An obituary detailing her life described her as someone whose kindness was “noticed and valued by friends and strangers alike.” Beyond her professional life, Betty’s personal world seemed to be anchored in her marriage to Connor, who was undergoing an internal medicine residency at the same institution.

What Happened to Betty Bowman?

On the fateful day of August 20, Betty Bowman passed away. What initially seemed like a sudden ailment turned into a series of perplexing events leading to her demise. She had been admitted to the hospital on August 16 with severe symptoms resembling food poisoning, such as diarrhea and dehydration. Over the subsequent days, her health deteriorated rapidly, with her condition escalating to cardiac issues, fluid accumulation in the lungs, and eventual organ failure. Despite medical interventions, including surgery to remove necrotic tissue from her colon, Betty couldn’t be saved.

How Did Betty Bowman Die?

The circumstances surrounding Betty’s death were shrouded in suspicion. Initially, the Southeast Minnesota Medical Examiner’s Office was preparing for her cremation when a call alerted them to potential foul play. Her symptoms, though resembling food poisoning, did not respond to standard treatments, prompting further investigations. A toxicology report unveiled the presence of colchicine, a drug primarily used to treat gout, in Betty’s system. However, she had no medical conditions warranting its use. This discovery intensified the suspicions, pointing to a potential deliberate poisoning.

Connor Fitzgerald Bowman’s Involvement:

Connor Fitzgerald Bowman, Betty’s husband and a Rochester doctor, has found himself in the eye of the storm, facing grave allegations related to his wife’s death. Connor, previously engaged in poison control in Kansas, was not just a bereaved husband. Several instances raised eyebrows:

  1. Disease Misdirection: While Betty was hospitalized, Connor suggested her symptoms resembled hematophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, a rare autoimmune disorder. Despite inconclusive tests, he maintained this narrative, even including it in her obituary.
  2. Suspicious Behavior: Connor expressed a desire to cremate Betty immediately, dismissing her death as natural. He displayed an unusual interest in the autopsy proceedings and inquired about the thoroughness of toxicology analyses.
  3. Online Searches: Investigations into Connor’s digital activities unveiled alarming findings. His laptop contained searches about colchicine, ways to hide information from the police, obtaining sodium nitrate (a blood oxygen restrictor), and crucially, lethal dosages of colchicine based on Betty’s weight.
  4. Financial Motive?: A potential motive surfaced when it was discovered that the couple maintained separate bank accounts, attributed to debt. Further, Connor stood to gain $500,000 from life insurance following Betty’s death. Post-arrest, a bank deposit receipt of $450,000 was found in his residence.

The Aftermath:

Charged with felony second-degree murder with intent, Connor Fitzgerald Bowman’s bail was set at a staggering $2 million by Judge Lisa Hayne, with stringent conditions, including GPS monitoring and abstinence from alcohol or drugs. He remains in custody, with the trial scheduled for November 1. As the court proceedings progress, the truth behind Betty Bowman’s tragic demise awaits unveiling.

The tragic demise of Betty Bowman has left more questions than answers. The intertwining narratives of love, trust, betrayal, and deception continue to grip Rochester and beyond. As the truth unravels, it serves as a somber reminder of the intricate and often unpredictable nature of human relationships.


  1. Who was Betty Bowman?
    Betty Bowman was a respected pharmacist at Mayo Clinic, married to Connor Fitzgerald Bowman, who faced mysterious health complications.
  2. What led to suspicions around her death?
    Unresponsive symptoms, a toxicology report revealing colchicine, and Connor’s erratic behavior triggered suspicions of deliberate poisoning.
  3. What is colchicine and its significance?
    Colchicine is a gout medication, found in Betty’s system, yet she had no condition necessitating its use.
  4. How was Connor Fitzgerald Bowman involved?
    Connor’s misleading disease claims, unusual interest in autopsy, and incriminating online searches linked him to Betty’s death.
  5. What potential motive surfaced for Connor?
    Financial gain: Connor could receive $500,000 from life insurance after Betty’s death; a significant deposit was found post-arrest.

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