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David Ibels Wife Who Is Kpmg Partner David Ibels Wife? Is David Ibels Married?

In the vast realm of finance and consultancy, few have left as indelible a mark as David Ibels, a top-tier partner at KPMG Australia. As news of his tragic and sudden demise reverberated across the industry, it was not just the professional world that felt the aftershocks. Behind the enigmatic professional lay a loving husband and a doting father whose absence has left an unfillable void. This article seeks to illuminate the man behind the numbers – a life lived fully and an inspiration to many.

Who is David Ibels?

David Ibels was more than just a high-ranking official at KPMG Australia. Starting his journey in 2011, he rapidly became a pivotal figure within the organization. His name became synonymous with innovative endeavors, notably the Brisbane headquarters at Heritage Lanes – a marvel in sustainable architecture. With a commitment to environmental conservation, this project, under his stewardship, became a zero carbon emission hub, exclusively relying on renewable electricity.

Yet, Ibels’ professional acumen was not restricted to architectural projects. He was a formidable presence in the financial services sector. His profound insights into wealth management, banking, and insurance made him an invaluable asset to KPMG and the broader financial community.

Who is David Ibels Wife?

The magnitude of David’s sudden loss was felt most deeply by his wife. The tragic events of October 23 and 24, 2023, transformed her life irrevocably. As news of David’s unexplained absence culminated in the discovery of his lifeless body in Springbrook National Park, her world was shattered.

Amidst the enveloping darkness of grief, she demonstrated immense resilience. Friends, family, and colleagues rallied around her, a testament to the many lives David had touched. The support provided a glimpse of the deep bonds he had formed, the relationships he had nurtured, and the love he had shared.

Was David Ibels Married?

Yes, David Ibels was indeed married. His family home, nestled in New Farm, was a sanctuary of love and laughter, shared with his wife and their young daughter. As the world grapples with the mysterious circumstances of his passing, his wife has maintained an admirable composure, choosing the path of privacy and silence. Her hope lies in the lasting legacy of David – a legacy replete with professional milestones and cherished personal memories.

David Ibels’ Daughter

A young girl, possibly not even in her teens, now navigates life without the guiding presence of her father. David Ibels’ daughter, residing in New Farm, is emblematic of a generation that inherits the legacies of their forebears. While she likely attends one of the prominent primary schools in the vicinity, like New Farm State School or Holy Spirit School, her journey is distinctly hers, even as she grapples with the weight of her father’s legacy.

Growing up, she might find solace in the passions David introduced her to, possibly football and cycling. These shared moments, these fragments of memory, will perhaps be the anchors that keep David’s spirit alive in her life.


David Ibels was not just a luminary in the financial world; he was a beacon of warmth in the lives of his loved ones. As the curtains descend on his life’s story, the legacy he leaves behind – in the realms of sustainability, finance, and more importantly, in the hearts of his family – stands testament to a life well-lived.

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