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Lynn Hernan Obituary Who Was Lynn Hernan? What Happened to Lynn Hernan?

The serene town of Pewaukee was rocked by an unsettling event in 2018: the mysterious death of Lynn Hernan. What initially seemed like a tragic overdose later unfolded into a web of deceit and alleged murder, leading to the arrest of Jessy Kurczewski. This article delves into the intricate details surrounding this baffling case.

Who Was Lynn Hernan?

Lynn Hernan, a 61-year-old resident of Pewaukee, was known to be a quiet individual who had battled various health challenges throughout her life. Fond of her solitude, Lynn’s life took a dark turn in October 2018, with a discovery that raised numerous eyebrows and sparked an intense investigation.

What Happened to Lynn Hernan?

On that fateful day in October, Lynn was found unresponsive in her living room recliner. At first glance, the scene painted a heartbreaking picture: a woman who had possibly succumbed to an overdose. A table beside her was adorned with several prescription pill bottles, and conspicuously, there was a semblance of crushed medication on her chest.

The initial assessments pointed towards a drug overdose, leading many to believe that the health issues Lynn grappled with may have pushed her towards such a tragic end.

Cause of Death: The Unexpected Twist

However, as the days passed, inconsistencies began emerging in the narrative. The local police, with the assistance of forensic experts, dug deeper into the case, leading them to re-evaluate their initial conclusions. Their findings? The presence of a lethal dose of a chemical found in eye drops in Lynn’s system.

This revelation altered the course of the investigation. How did this substance, not meant for ingestion, find its way into Lynn’s body? Was it an accident or a carefully orchestrated act?

Jessy Kurczewski: The Accused

The spotlight soon turned to Jessy R. Kurczewski, a 39-year-old from Franklin, who had reportedly been close to Lynn. Proclaiming herself to be Lynn’s friend and caregiver, Jessy’s involvement in the case became central when authorities began suspecting foul play.

Witness accounts, coupled with mounting circumstantial evidence, began to paint a chilling picture. Kurczewski was not merely a bystander; she was allegedly at the epicenter of this devious plot. Investigators accused her of administering a lethal dose of the chemical found in eye drops to Lynn and subsequently staging the scene to mimic an overdose or suicide.

Felony Charges and the Trial

With the weight of the evidence stacking against her, Kurczewski was charged with first-degree intentional homicide and two counts of felony theft. Her trial, set to be a significant legal event, has garnered considerable attention. With a 12-person jury in place, opening statements have been scheduled, setting the stage for a courtroom drama that promises more revelations.


The death of Lynn Hernan is a somber reminder that things aren’t always as they appear. A case initially chalked up as a tragic overdose has spiraled into an alleged tale of deceit, betrayal, and calculated murder. As the legal proceedings unfold, the town of Pewaukee, and indeed the nation, awaits answers.


  1. Who was Lynn Hernan?
    • Lynn Hernan, 61, was a Pewaukee resident, found dead in 2018 under mysterious circumstances, initially thought to be an overdose.
  2. How was Lynn Hernan’s death initially classified?
    • Her death was first classified as a drug overdose due to the presence of prescription pills and crushed medication.
  3. Who is Jessy Kurczewski?
    • Jessy Kurczewski, 39, from Franklin, claimed to be Lynn’s caregiver and friend; she’s accused of orchestrating Lynn’s alleged murder.
  4. What led to the suspicion of foul play?
    • Forensic findings revealed a lethal dose of an eye drop chemical in Lynn’s system, pointing to possible intentional poisoning.
  5. What charges does Jessy Kurczewski face?
    • Kurczewski faces first-degree intentional homicide and two counts of felony theft in connection with Lynn Hernan’s death.

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