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Who Was Len Goodman Wife? Was Len Goodman Married? Does He Have Children?

The dance industry often brings to the limelight various talented individuals. Among them, Len Goodman stood out not only for his expertise in dance but also for his vibrant personal life. While many are acquainted with Len’s professional achievements, there remains a deeply personal narrative that beautifully complements his public persona.

Who Was Len Goodman?

Born on 25 April 1944, Len Goodman carved a niche for himself as a British dance judge, instructor, and renowned personality in the dance world. Len is perhaps best-known for his tenure as a judge on “Dancing With the Stars.” For many seasons now, his expert yet charismatic judging style earned him praise from peers and viewers alike – while off of the dance floor his personal journey, featuring relationships and familial bonds, has provided insight into who lies beneath all those scores.

Who Was Len Goodman Wife, Sue Barrett

Sue Barrett, a talented dance instructor herself, entered Len Goodman’s life and became the pivot around which his personal world revolved. Nearly two decades younger than Len, Sue and the dance maestro married in a hushed ceremony, attended only by close friends. Their union symbolized more than just marital commitment; it was a fusion of mutual respect, love, and understanding. Despite their age difference, the couple exemplified a bond that transcended societal norms, keeping their relationship fiercely private and deeply cherished.

Was Len Goodman Married Before?

Yes, before finding solace with Sue, Len had been previously married to Cherry Kingston. Their journey began as dance partners in the 1970s, culminating in matrimony in 1972. However, the marital bond that was formed against the backdrop of sambas and waltzes couldn’t withstand the test of time, leading to their separation in 1987. While this relationship had its own set of challenges and joys, it undeniably played a pivotal role in shaping Len’s personal trajectory.

Children and Bonds Beyond Marriage

Before his relationship with Sue, Len shared a profound bond with a woman named Lesley. This relationship was significant, not just as a romantic chapter but also because it resulted in the birth of their son. While Len and Lesley did not walk down the aisle, their relationship’s profundity can’t be denied, as it played a pivotal role in Len’s life, enriching his personal narrative and introducing him to the joys of fatherhood.

Len Goodman Family

Away from the shimmer of sequins and razzmatazz of stage lights, Len Goodman’s family was his sanctuary. Sue, referred to endearingly as “My Wonderful,” and his son, were the central figures in his domestic universe. For Len, family represented an anchor, a space where he could be his most authentic self, unguarded and wrapped in the warmth of genuine connections. Their close-knit bond provided Len with emotional stability and joy amidst his high-paced professional commitments.

Len Goodman’s Legacy

Len Goodman’s passing marked the end of an era in the dance community. His contribution to shows like DWTS will be remembered for generations. Len was more than just a dance judge; he was a mentor, a guiding star for many aspirants. Beyond his professional realm, Len’s legacy is intricately linked with his personal relationships, particularly his enduring bond with Sue and his cherished role as a father.

The Man Behind the Dance

While the world celebrates Len Goodman, the dance icon, it’s equally crucial to recognize and appreciate Len Goodman, the man. His personal journey, filled with love, relationships, and family ties, adds depth to his illustrious career, painting a holistic picture of a man who lived with intensity and loved with unmatched sincerity. Those who delve deeper into his life will discover a narrative that resonates with emotions, challenges, triumphs, and an undying quest for genuine connections.


  1. Who is Len Goodman’s wife?
    • Len Goodman’s wife is Sue Barrett, a former dance instructor.
  2. When did Len Goodman marry Sue Barrett?
    • Len married Sue Barrett in a private ceremony in December 2012.
  3. Did Sue Barrett have a background in dance?
    • Yes, Sue Barrett was a professional dance instructor before her marriage to Len.
  4. How did Len Goodman and Sue Barrett meet?
    • They met through their mutual passion for dance and eventually developed a romantic connection.
  5. Did Sue Barrett appear on ‘Dancing With the Stars’?
    • No, Sue Barrett did not appear as a contestant or professional on “Dancing With the Stars.”

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