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Who Is Len Goodman Ex-Wife Cherry Kingston? Everything We Know So Far!

Every once in a while, the world of dance gives rise to stories that are not just about rhythm and steps but are intrinsically woven with emotions, relationships, and life’s unpredictable turns. One such tale is that of Cherry Kingston and Len Goodman. Although Cherry has largely remained away from the limelight, the snippets of her life with Len Goodman are both captivating and heartbreaking. Let’s delve into their world.

Who is Cherry Kingston?

Cherry Kingston, known to many as the first wife of the renowned dance maestro Len Goodman, is a dancer by profession. The world of ballroom dance was where she not only found her passion but also her life partner. However, despite her association with a prominent personality, Cherry has managed to keep her life remarkably private, making her story all the more intriguing.

Who Was Cherry Kingston Husband Len Goodman?

Len Goodman has long been revered in the ballroom dance community as an expert judge on popular dance shows, coach and advocate of ballroom dancing art form. However, his personal life – particularly his relationship with Cherry – has long drawn the interest of many. Their journey, marked with many ups and downs speaks to how complex relationships truly can be.

When Did Cherry Kingston Marry Len Goodman?

The year was 1972, and the day was April 27th. After two enriching years of understanding each other’s strengths, weaknesses, dreams, and fears, Cherry Kingston and Len Goodman decided to solidify their relationship with marriage. It was a union that many in their close circle believed was the perfect match, given their shared passion for dance. However, as time would tell, the rhythm of their relationship would undergo several changes.

Relationship Dynamics: From Dance Partners to Life Partners

Their meeting in 1970 at a dance program was nothing short of a movie scene. The undeniable chemistry between Cherry and Len was evident not just in their dance moves but also in their off-stage interactions. Dance was the thread that brought them close, and for a few years, it remained the glue that kept them together.

But relationships, like dance, often require adaptation, understanding, and sometimes, letting go. By the mid-70s, as their dance career came to a pause, the couple faced the daunting question: Was their bond beyond dance strong enough to sustain them? It was during one of their annual trips to Monte Carlo that Cherry’s path crossed with Michael, a wealthy French businessman. This meeting not only changed the dynamics of their holiday group but also played a pivotal role in Cherry and Len’s marital journey.

The Unexpected Turn: Love, Loss, and Reflection

Love is unpredictable, and while Cherry found herself drawn to Michael, Len was left grappling with the sudden changes in their relationship. By 1987, their marriage ended, leaving Len in reflection about the reasons behind its disintegration. In a candid conversation with The DailyMail in 2008, Len opened up about this phase, highlighting how their shared love for dance was what truly kept them together. Without it, the gaps became evident.

However, life’s unpredictability showed itself again when, three years post their divorce, Len and Cherry unexpectedly met and reconnected over a cup of coffee. This meeting, although brief, provided closure to both and allowed them to move on with their lives, cherishing the good times and learning from the challenging ones.

Family Ties: Their Legacies and Future

While Cherry and Len didn’t have children together, life had other plans for them. Cherry, with Michael, welcomed two children, while Len had a son, James, from another relationship. Interestingly, James chose to follow his father’s footsteps into the world of dance, making a name for himself as a Latin and ballroom dancer. Today, he continues to nurture the art by teaching at Goodman Dance Academy, ensuring that the legacy of dance that his father and Cherry once shared continues for generations to come.


Cherry Kingston and Len Goodman’s tale transcends dance; it serves as a testament to life’s unpredictable nature, powerful connections, the heartbreak of loss, and finding closure through dance. But through their journey alone one thing remains evident: while dance may bring two souls together temporarily, ultimately only their shared understanding, love, and respect define their bond permanently.

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