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Len Goodman Obituary What Happened To Len Goodman? How Did He Die?

In the world of ballroom dance, few names shine as brightly as that of Len Goodman. A beacon of knowledge, wit, and charisma, Goodman’s influence on shows like Dancing With the Stars and Strictly Come Dancing is irrefutable. With a heavy heart, the dance community and its millions of viewers worldwide mourn the passing of this legendary figure.

Who Was Len Goodman?

Len Goodman, born in 1944, was a revered professional dancer who later turned judge, bringing a unique blend of expertise, humor, and warmth to television screens. For many, Goodman was the quintessential face of dance on television, setting the gold standard for judging with his candid critiques, punctuated by his iconic catchphrases.

He first embarked on his dance journey in England, honing his skills and turning a passion for dance into a recognized profession. Over years of dedication, learning, and resilience he worked his way from young dancer in London to global television icon status.

What Happened to Len Goodman?

On a somber day, the news of Goodman’s death rippled across the world. Jackie Gill, Goodman’s agent, made the heart-wrenching announcement, plunging fans and colleagues into grief. Len Goodman left behind an indelible legacy, one that spanned decades, continents, and countless dance floors. His journey, though curtailed, has left footprints that will inspire generations of dancers and dance enthusiasts.

How Did Len Goodman Die?

Len Goodman breathed his last at a hospice in Kent, England. The serene surroundings, away from the glare of the spotlight he had become accustomed to, offered a peaceful setting for his final moments. The dance maestro’s exit from this world was as graceful as the moves he once exhibited on the dance floor and later judged with an astute eye.

Cause of Death: Battling Bone Cancer

Life sometimes strikes the harshest chords with the gentlest souls. For Goodman, the battle was against bone cancer—a recent diagnosis that he braved with the same poise and strength he showcased on stage. The disease, known for its aggressive nature, brought an end to the life of a man who had been a beacon of health, rhythm, and vitality.

The Legacy Left Behind

Len’s influence was far-reaching beyond dance studio walls or television sets; his journey on Dancing With the Stars from 2005-2022 provided memorable experiences, life lessons and an undying passion for this art form. He judged alongside esteemed colleagues such as Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, Julianne Hough, and Derek Hough. His decision to leave the show was rooted in his desire to be closer to his family, especially his grandchildren.

Across the Atlantic, Goodman’s impact on Strictly Come Dancing was equally profound. Serving as the head judge from 2004 to 2016, he became a household name, with BBC director general Tim Davie recognizing him as the heart of the show’s success.

Tributes Pouring In: The Dance Community Remembers

In the aftermath of the announcement, tributes flooded in, reflecting the breadth and depth of Goodman’s impact. Bruno Tonioli, a longtime colleague, took to Twitter, reminiscing about their 19-year partnership and lauding Goodman as the “one and only ballroom LEGEND.” Craig Revel Horwood, another dance icon, reminisced about their shared moments, underlining the void Goodman’s passing has left.


Len Goodman’s life was a dance of passion, dedication, and love. In his passing, the world has lost a maestro, but his legacy will forever waltz in the annals of dance history. As the curtains fall on this chapter, the echoes of “It’s a ten from Len” will reverberate, ensuring Len Goodman’s spirit continues to inspire, entertain, and guide.


1. Who was Len Goodman?
Len Goodman was a renowned professional dancer and television judge on Dancing With the Stars and Strictly Come Dancing.

2. How did Len Goodman die?
Len Goodman passed away in a hospice in Kent, England, after being diagnosed with bone cancer.

3. When did Len Goodman leave Dancing With the Stars?
Len Goodman exited Dancing With the Stars in 2022, after serving as head judge for 17 years.

4. Who are Len Goodman’s survivors?
He is survived by his wife, Sue Barrett, and a son, James William Goodman, from a previous relationship.

5. What tributes have been shared about Len Goodman?
Numerous colleagues, including Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood, have shared heartfelt tributes, celebrating Goodman’s legacy and influence.

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