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Did Justyn Ross Get Arrested? What Did Justyn Ross Get Arrested For?

Sports athletes regularly find themselves at the center of attention for reasons other than their on-field performance. Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Justyn Ross recently came under this kind of scrutiny after his arrest on October 23, 2023 in Shawnee, Kansas. This incident has shocked fans and fellow players alike, raising several questions about his future in the NFL and the repercussions he may face.

Who is Justyn Ross?

Justyn Ross quickly gained recognition as an exciting wide receiver with impressive agility, impeccable catching ability, and strategic playmaking ability. An integral member of the Kansas City Chiefs since 2011, Ross had already established himself as one of their star performers; his impressive statistics and highlights attest to this commitment to sportsmanship. But beyond the gridiron, who really is Justyn Ross? A young man who, like many, might have personal issues off the field, this recent event has opened up a facet of his life that the public was previously unaware of.

Why Was Justyn Ross Arrested?

On the fateful afternoon of October 23, 2023, Ross was arrested and charged with two counts: Domestic Battery with no priors and Criminal Damage less than $1,000. The definition of Domestic Battery, according to K.S.A. 21-5414(a), provides insight into the severity of the charges. It’s alleged that Ross knowingly or recklessly caused bodily harm or had physical contact in an angry manner with a household member. Media outlets further reported that it was Ross’s girlfriend who dialed 911, detailing the tumultuous scene where Ross allegedly caused damage and dragged her. This brings us to the second charge, wherein Ross is accused of causing damage amounting to less than $1,000, including breaking a cellphone, damaging a laptop, a computer monitor, a gold bracelet, and a car key.

Recent Developments in the Case

Following his arrest, Ross made a virtual court appearance the very next day. While it’s standard procedure, Ross pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ to the charges against him. The court promptly set a bond at $2,500, which upon posting, would ensure Ross’s release. As the legal proceedings unfold, Ross is slated for another court appearance on December 4, 2023. Given the nature of his charges, it’s likely there are specific conditions attached to his bond, such as not committing any other crimes and potentially maintaining distance from his girlfriend.

Possible Outcomes for Justyn Ross

Facing a Class B misdemeanor as a first-time offender puts Ross in a precarious position. Based on the K.S.A. 21-5414(b)(1) statute, there’s a possibility of imprisonment ranging from 48 hours to six months, along with a fine. However, considering the dynamics of such cases, it’s feasible that Ross might strike a plea agreement. This could entail pleading guilty to a lesser charge in return for probation, mandatory therapy, and restitution.

Kansas City Chiefs’ Stance on the Matter

Professional sports teams often find themselves in a dilemma when one of their players faces legal issues. The Kansas City Chiefs are no exception. To date, the Chiefs have opted to remain silent, refraining from making an official statement regarding Ross’s arrest. This tact is generally adopted by teams during ongoing legal procedures to avoid influencing the case or public opinion. As the case progresses, all eyes will be on the Chiefs’ management to see if and how they respond, especially considering Ross’s significant role in the team.


Justyn Ross’s arrest has undoubtedly shaken the sports world, presenting a stark reminder that athletes, despite their fame, face personal challenges like everyone else. As the legal procedures advance, it will be crucial to remember the importance of due process and refrain from making premature judgments. Regardless of the outcome, this incident serves as a somber lesson on the complexities of personal life intersecting with the public eye.


  1. Who is Justyn Ross?
    • Justyn Ross is a wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, known for his significant contributions on the field.
  2. Why was Justyn Ross recently arrested?
    • Ross was arrested for charges including Domestic Battery and Criminal Damage under $1,000 in Shawnee, Kansas.
  3. What are the potential legal consequences for Ross?
    • Ross could face jail time, fines, probation, or undergo a domestic violence assessment, depending on court decisions.
  4. How has the Kansas City Chiefs responded?
    • As of now, the Kansas City Chiefs have not issued an official statement regarding Ross’s arrest.
  5. Is Justyn Ross still playing for the Chiefs?
    • Currently, Ross remains on the Chiefs’ roster, but his future with the team is being closely monitored.

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