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Cedric Beastie Jones Cause Of Death And Obituary What Happened To Cedric Beastie Jones?

The entertainment and fitness industries recently lost a beacon of inspiration, Cedric Jones. His sudden passing at 46 leaves behind a legacy that spans film, television, and a commitment to community upliftment.

Who Was Cedric Jones?

Cedric Jones was more than just an actor or personal trainer; he was a symbol of hope and resilience. Born and raised in Compton, California, Cedric’s life was not without its trials. From experiencing homelessness to becoming the owner of the acclaimed Beastie Boxing gym in Manhattan Beach, Cedric’s journey was one of grit, determination, and heart.

He made his mark in entertainment working alongside some of its elite, such as Chris Pratt. Notable film roles he appeared in included “The Magnificent Seven”, “Southpaw”, Princess of the Row”, and Marshall County”. Beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Cedric’s soul remained grounded, often describing his co-stars, like Pratt, as ‘down to earth.’

What Happened to Cedric Jones?

The news of Cedric Jones’s sudden death sent shockwaves through the entertainment and fitness communities. The exact details surrounding his death remain undisclosed out of respect for his grieving family, consisting of his wife, Barbie Jones, and their three children. Friends, colleagues, and mentees have expressed profound sorrow, emphasizing his radiant positivity and the void his passing has left.

How Did Cedric Jones Die?

The details pertaining to Cedric Jones’s demise remain a private matter for his family. Respecting their wishes, the circumstances of his passing are yet to be publicized, emphasizing the need for sensitivity during such challenging times.

Career Highlights

Cedric Jones’s career was diverse and impactful. His acting endeavors saw him collaborating with celebrated director Antoine Fuqua and starring alongside Chris Pratt in both “The Terminal List” and “The Magnificent Seven.” Fuqua’s heartfelt tribute underscored Cedric’s luminous presence both on and off the set.

Outside of acting, Cedric was deeply involved in the world of fitness. His gym, Beastie Boxing, became a favorite among celebrities, but more importantly, it was a testament to his dedication to transforming lives. His philosophy was rooted in empowerment, pushing individuals to achieve feats they once deemed impossible.

Early Life and Philanthropy

Cedric’s early life in Compton was fraught with challenges. Experiencing homelessness, he could have easily succumbed to despair. Opting instead for self-improvement and service, his move into fitness was more than simply career progress; it provided invaluable assistance not just to him, but to numerous others as well.

The inception of the BMoved Foundation was a testament to Cedric’s commitment to upliftment. Through this foundation, he aimed to inspire young boys, emphasizing that every child, regardless of their socio-economic background, harbors dreams and aspirations. His hands-on approach and genuine care resulted in many of his mentees obtaining athletic scholarships to prestigious universities, including Pepperdine and Tuskegee.


Cedric Jones led an inspiring life filled with tireless determination, hope, and altruism. From his multidisciplinary career to his unselfish volunteerism in community services – cedric was truly a source of motivation to those he met along his path in life and death alike. Though lost too soon he will live on in our memory through generations to come.


  1. Who was Cedric Jones?
    Cedric Jones was an actor, personal trainer, and owner of Beastie Boxing gym in Manhattan Beach.
  2. How did Cedric Jones die?
    Cedric Jones’s death was sudden; specific details remain private out of respect for his family.
  3. What films did Cedric Jones appear in?
    Jones starred in “The Magnificent Seven,” “Southpaw,” “Princess of the Row,” and “Marshall County,” among others.
  4. What was Cedric’s relationship with Chris Pratt?
    They worked together on films, and Cedric described Pratt as ‘down to earth’ and a joy to collaborate with.
  5. Did Cedric Jones contribute to the community?
    Yes, he founded the BMoved Foundation and helped many youths achieve their dreams and earn athletic scholarships.

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