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Paul Costict Cause Of Death And Obituary How Did Paul Costict Died?

The music world recently felt the heavy loss of Paul Costict, an influential figure in the hip-hop community. His sudden demise left many heartbroken, shining a spotlight on his life and significant contributions to the music industry. From his beginnings with B-Rock and The Bizz to personal tribulations, Paul’s story is both inspirational and melancholic.

Who Was Paul Costict?

Born in a decade when hip-hop was finding its footing, Paul Costict was destined for greatness. Making headlines with his band, B-Rock and The Bizz, in 1997, he secured his place in the annals of music history. Alongside members Baron “B-Rock” Agee, Leevirt Agee, and Thaddeus “T-Bird” Maye, the quartet created ripples in the music scene, leaving an indelible mark.

The early days saw them signing with Pound 4 Pound Records, a Miami-based label. Their journey began with a talent show that would change their lives forever. While “Do Dat Dance” in 1992 was their first notable hit, it was just the beginning of their ascension.

What Happened to Paul Costict?

Paul was unexpectedly found dead at his Norfolk, Virginia residence on a typically quiet Saturday. This loss has created an immediate vacuum within hip hop community and left millions mourning his absence. The days leading to his passing saw him “sick,” as shared by a family member, but his lively spirit remained undeterred.

How Did Paul Costict Die?

As of now, the cause of Paul Costict’s death remains unrevealed, adding to the pain and mystery surrounding his sudden passing. Conversations with family before his death indicated he was unwell, but specifics remain unknown. The music community and fans worldwide await further details, hoping for closure.

Career: Rising with B-Rock and The Bizz

Paul’s career peaked with the release of “My Baby Daddy” in 1997. This iconic single skyrocketed to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming a timeless classic. Even decades later, its popularity persists, with A-list celebrities like Rihanna seen sporting their merchandise. The song wasn’t just a hit; it was a cultural phenomenon.

Despite their monumental success, the band, like many before and after, faced its challenges. They gradually moved away from the limelight, but their impact remained. The raw emotion and honesty in their lyrics made B-Rock and The Bizz unforgettable.

Early Life: Before the Fame

Little information exists regarding Paul’s life prior to his rise to fame. Born into an age when hip-hop music had just made an entrance, Paul likely experienced first hand how this new sound changed the music landscape; from street corner performances on local stages all the way through his journey on Broadway he has proven both his dedication and passion!

Legacy and Tributes

Paul’s death was not only a loss for his family but also for the music community. Many artists and peers expressed their sorrow, remembering him for his talent and camaraderie. Thaddeus T-Bird Maye’s touching tribute showcased their bond, dating back to their high school days.

Paul Costict’s Personal Life

The man behind the music, Paul’s personal life was as intriguing as his professional one. His marriage to ex-wife LaSancious became public knowledge due to their highly-publicized appearance on the reality show “Divorce Court.” The dispute over a gold plaque, symbolizing his musical success, was a bittersweet chapter in his life.

In conclusion, Paul Costict’s legacy is not just in his music but also in the hearts of those he touched. As fans mourn the untimely loss, his music will forever serve as a reminder of the legend he was.


  1. Who was Paul Costict?
    Paul Costict was a hip-hop artist, known for his 1997 hit “My Baby Daddy” with B-Rock and The Bizz.
  2. How did Paul Costict die?
    Paul Costict’s death was “unexpected” at his Norfolk home; the exact cause of death hasn’t been disclosed yet.
  3. What was Paul’s most famous song?
    “My Baby Daddy” was his most notable track, peaking at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1997.
  4. Was Paul Costict married?
    Yes, he was once married to LaSancious. They made headlines over a custody battle on the “Divorce Court” show.
  5. How have peers reacted to his passing?
    Many, like Thaddeus T-Bird Maye, have shared heartfelt tributes, emphasizing Paul’s significant influence and warm personality.

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