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Chris Snow Obituary And Cause Of Death What Happened To Chris Snow?

In the annals of professional hockey, few names are as memorable, not just for their contributions to the sport but for their courage in personal adversity, as Chris Snow. A man whose journey from journalist to an executive with the Calgary Flames is as remarkable as his brave face-off against ALS. Chris Snow left an indelible mark on the world, not only in the hockey arena but as a symbol of hope and resilience for many.

Who was Chris Snow?

Chris Snow was known in hockey circles for his dedication and passion, having first entered journalism before switching over to playing with Minnesota Wild and Calgary Flames in 2006. Born August 11 in Melrose Massachusetts on August 11, 1981; Snow’s journey into hockey wasn’t straightforward as initially he found success covering Boston Red Sox games for The Boston Globe before finally switching sports entirely when joining Minnesota Wild in 2006.

Snow made headlines not just due to his career; in 2019, he also gained notoriety when diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), though prognosis for survival may have been less hopeful. Undaunted, Snow and his wife Kelsie became vocal advocates for all ALS patients as their personal struggle transformed into an avenue for awareness and hope for fellow sufferers.

What Happened to Chris Snow?

On September 30, 2023, the world bid farewell to Chris Snow. Despite the odds, Snow lived far longer than initially anticipated after his ALS diagnosis. His participation in an experimental gene therapy trial epitomized his spirit: always hopeful, always fighting.

How Did Chris Snow Die?

Chris Snow died as the result of severe brain trauma following cardiac arrest. Though mourned worldwide, Snow’s legacy of generosity shone brightly one last time when four individuals received organ donations from him after his organs had been given as donations after organ removal surgery was performed on Snow himself. Snow’s life stands as an inspiring testament to human resilience when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles – it provides proof that human spirit remains strong even against seemingly overwhelming odds.

Chris Snow’s Illustrious Career

From the press box to the executive suite, Chris Snow’s career was a testament to adaptability and passion. Beginning as a journalist, his articles for The Boston Globe captured the essence of the sporting world. However, his transition to the Minnesota Wild in 2006 marked a shift from observer to participant.

His tenure with the Wild was impactful, but it was with the Calgary Flames that Snow truly found his calling. Specializing in statistical and video analysis, he ascended the ranks, and by 2019, he held the position of assistant general manager. Even as ALS posed personal challenges, Snow’s dedication to the Flames and the broader hockey community never wavered.

The Personal Life of Chris Snow

Away from the rink and the office, Chris Snow was a devoted husband and father. He met his future wife, Kelsie, during their stint as sportswriters at The Boston Globe. Their union, cemented in 2007, was blessed with two children. The family’s bond was evident in the way they faced Snow’s ALS diagnosis. Through blogs and podcasts, they shed light on the realities of living with ALS, turning personal trials into public advocacy.

Chris Snow’s Net Worth

While exact figures regarding Chris Snow’s net worth remain undisclosed, estimates place it between $1 to $5 million. His roles with the Calgary Flames and other professional endeavors undoubtedly contributed to his financial status. However, Chris Snow’s true legacy lies not in his wealth but in the hope and resilience he embodied, leaving behind lessons in perseverance and advocacy far more valuable than any monetary sum.

Calgary Flames: More Than Just a Hockey Team

The Calgary Flames, where Chris Snow shone brightly, have a storied history. Established in 1972 in Atlanta before relocating to Calgary in 1980, the Flames have been a force in the NHL. Their 1989 Stanley Cup win remains a testament to their prowess on the ice. Yet, off the ice, their contributions are equally significant. The Flames Foundation exemplifies their commitment to community welfare, channeling millions into charitable causes.


  1. Who was Chris Snow?
    Chris Snow was an assistant general manager for the Calgary Flames and an advocate for ALS research and awareness.
  2. How did Chris Snow die?
    Chris Snow passed away from a catastrophic brain injury following cardiac arrest, after battling ALS for several years.
  3. Did Chris Snow contribute to ALS research?
    Yes, Chris Snow actively raised awareness and funds for ALS research and participated in an experimental gene therapy trial.
  4. What legacy did Chris Snow leave behind?
    Chris inspired many with his courage against ALS, raising awareness, and advocating for research through his personal journey.
  5. Were Chris Snow’s organs donated?
    Yes, in a final act of generosity, Chris Snow’s organs were donated, saving the lives of four individuals.

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