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Enhance Your Home Aesthetics: The Art of Designing Quality Blinds Online

Choosing the right window treatments can significantly affect your home’s look and feel. With so many options for blinds and shades available today, you can easily customise your windows to suit your style. Discovering how to design quality blinds online gives you access to a wide selection without leaving your home. Follow these tips to enhance your home’s aesthetics with beautiful new blinds crafted just for you.

Focus on Your Design Goals

Before starting your online blind shopping journey, think about the look you want to achieve in your space. Consider elements like:

Light Control

Do you need complete blackout blinds for the bedroom or just a soft sunlight filter? Light-blocking linen or faux wood blinds can create darkness, while soft solar shades gently diffuse the light.


Insulated blackout cellular shades add an extra barrier against cold and heat. This helps regulate indoor temperatures.


Blinds with full coverage slats or opaque shades block views and create privacy. Sheer curtains still allow some light in but obscure sight lines.


Your blind style should complement your home’s aesthetic. Look for on-trend colours, patterns and textures to reflect your taste.

Measure Your Windows

To custom-make blinds, the manufacturer will need precise measurements of each window. This ensures a perfect fit. Use a steel tape measure to document the exact width and height. Be sure to note any specialty shapes like arched or angled windows. Upload your measurements during the online order process for accuracy.

Select Quality Materials

Look for blinds made from durable and sustainable materials. These include:

  • Faux wood composite slats – Have the look of natural wood but resist warping and fading
  • Aluminum or vinyl slats – Durable low-maintenance metals that won’t corrode
  • Cellular or honeycomb shades – Insulating layers trap heat and cold
  • Natural woven woods or grasses – Provide a light, natural aesthetic
  • Heavy-duty blackout fabrics – Offer room darkening and noise reduction

Premium materials crafted into custom blinds look beautiful and last longer, saving you money.

Order Swatches

Don’t just rely on photos online to choose colours and patterns. Request free fabric swatches from the retailer to see material options in person. Many companies will ship sample swatches directly to your home so you can coordinate with your existing decor. Spread the swatches on the floor, hold them up to furnishings and paint colours, and make your selections.

Add Designer Touches

Look for unique details that upgrade your custom blinds into designer showpieces:

Decorative Finials

Finials are the ornamental caps at the end of the blind rods. Opt for finials with an attractive shape or finish to enhance the window.

Contrasting Tapes

Coloured cloth tapes where the slats join provide subtle contrast on faux wood and aluminium blinds.

Contrast Binding

A contrasting fabric edging on the side channels gives a tailored finished look.

Two-Toned Slats

Select dual colouring on slats to complement the room’s colour palette.

Consider Child and Pet Safety

If you have kids or pets, look for cordless blinds or shades with inaccessible cords. This eliminates the severe dangers and risks of strangulation or entanglement that cords can pose to young children and pets. Choosing cordless blinds is the safest option for homes with curious little ones and animals. Also, select durable fabrics that can withstand the wear and tear of pets and active kids. Scratch-resistant metals like aluminium or vinyl slats are excellent choices for pet homes. Tightly woven synthetic fabrics are strong and can hold up to kid play. When selecting DIY blinds online with kids and pets, prioritise safety features like cordless mechanisms and indestructible fabrics like heavy-duty synthetics or metal slat materials. These options protect from potential injuries or damage while maintaining style.

Know Your Budget

Prices can vary significantly for custom window blinds depending on the quality of materials and unique features. Determine your budget in advance, and look for retailers offering sales and promos to maximise value. With an online made-to-measure DIY blinds system, you can design top-quality blinds that enhance your home’s style at competitive prices.

Giving your home an aesthetic boost with new blinds is easier than ever when you shop online. Take the time to decide on your design goals, choose the suitable materials, and select any designer touches. With the ability to order and customise samples to your exact window sizes, you can create a beautiful new window treatment perfect for your home. Elevate the look of any room and enjoy light control and privacy with custom-crafted blinds.

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