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Carl Ruiz Cause Of Death Revealed What Was The Cause Of Death Of Carl Ruiz?

Chef Carl Ruiz left an indelible mark upon culinary enthusiasts worldwide with his untimely death at 44, leaving a hole in many hearts he left unfulfilled. This article delves deep into Carl’s life and legacy by exploring early beginnings, meteoric rise in culinary scene, as well as circumstances leading up to his early departure.

Who Was Carl Ruiz?

Carl Ruiz was a culinary maverick, known for his expertise in blending traditional flavors with innovative cooking techniques. Born on April 4, 1975, in Passaic, New Jersey, he grew up in a household enriched with Colombian and Cuban influences, courtesy of his parents, Yezzid and Elisa Ruiz. Early exposure to diverse culinary cultures ignited his love of cooking; an affection he pursued passionately.

Ruiz was known to exude charisma, exuding genuine passion for food and people. Friends and coworkers fondly remembered his infectious laugh and ability to light up any room; not only a chef; Ruiz used culinary creations as storytelling devices to share tales from his heritage and experiences through food creations.

Early Life and Education

Carl Ruiz started his journey into culinary arts at home with his family’s Colombian and Cuban dishes forming the basis of his future career. Attending Collegiate School showed early signs that Carl was headed in that direction; eventually realizing his culinary ambitions led him to enroll at Institute of Culinary Education New York City to hone his culinary expertise further and create his unique signature cuisine style that became his trademark later.

The Culinary Career of Carl Ruiz

Ruiz’s professional career commenced in New Jersey, where he started as a sous chef at Dish in Clifton. His talent soon led him to the position of executive chef at Sabor in North Bergen, followed by a pivotal role at Son Cubano in New York City. His expertise in Cuban cuisine and his charismatic personality made him a favorite among diners.

A significant milestone in Ruiz’s career was the opening of Marie’s Italian Specialties with his then-wife, Marie Riccio. The restaurant caught the attention of Guy Fieri, leading to its feature on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” This exposure catapulted Ruiz to national fame, paving the way for his appearances on several Food Network shows, including “Guy’s Grocery Games” and “Guy’s Ranch Kitchen.” His contributions to these shows were not just culinary; they showcased his ability to engage audiences with his wit and food knowledge.

What Happened to Carl Ruiz? Cause of Death Revealed

On September 21, 2019, Carl Ruiz sent shockwaves through the culinary community when he unexpectedly passed away unexpectedly while visiting friends in Bel Air, Maryland. Carl’s cause of death was identified as atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease — an arterial condition marked by build-ups of fats and cholesterol within arterial walls — drawing attention to often ignored health challenges faced by chefs working within high pressure, indulgent environments such as professional cooking.

Legacy and Continued Influence

Ruiz’s legacy transcends his death. In his honor, friends and colleagues established The Carl Ruiz Scholarship Foundation, aimed at supporting aspiring chefs and continuing Ruiz’s passion for culinary arts. Through this foundation, his love for cooking and his commitment to nurturing new talent live on.

Carl Ruiz left an indelible mark on culinary history, from being inspired by family cooking traditions as a young boy through becoming one of America’s acclaimed chefs and television personalities today. Carl’s journey exemplifies passion, perseverance and the transformative potential of food to unite communities – it will continue doing this long after Carl is no longer physically here! His flavors, laughter and legacy remain integral components of our worldly palette today.


Chef Carl Ruiz stands as an illustration of how one individual can have such a significant effect on an industry, while his sudden passing underscores its value and reminds us to prioritize health and well-being even as we celebrate culinary traditions. As his recipes continue to be enjoyed and his scholarship foundation supports upcoming chefs, Carl Ruiz’s legacy endures, inspiring future generations to pursue their culinary dreams with the same fervor and heart that he did.


  1. What was the official cause of Carl Ruiz’s death?
    • Carl Ruiz died from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, involving cholesterol buildup in his arteries.
  2. When did Carl Ruiz pass away?
    • Carl Ruiz passed away in his sleep on September 21, 2019, while in Bel Air, Maryland.
  3. How old was Carl Ruiz when he died?
    • Carl Ruiz was 44 years old at the time of his death in 2019.
  4. What has been established in memory of Carl Ruiz?
    • The Carl Ruiz Scholarship Foundation was established to support aspiring chefs in his honor.
  5. Did Carl Ruiz have any known health issues before his death?
    • Specific health issues weren’t publicly disclosed, but his death was due to heart-related disease.

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