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Who Was Carl Ruiz Ex-Wife? Meet Marie Riccio, Children & More

Carl Ruiz left an indelible mark on food industry with his passing as an esteemed American chef and television personality, notable for judging various U.S. cooking competition series like Guy’s Grocery Games. This article details aspects of Carl’s personal life that we may learn more from like marital status or early life journey before looking deeper at his experience in culinary world.

Who Was Carl Ruiz?

Carl Ruiz was an esteemed culinary maestro renowned for his passion and charisma when it came to cooking, becoming a household favorite throughout American homes. Ruiz rose quickly through the culinary industry thanks to his distinctive cooking style and uncanny ability at connecting with both in and outside of the kitchen; appearances on television further cemented this reputation and cemented Ruiz as a household name and respected figure within gastronomy circles.

Was Carl Ruiz Married?

Carl Ruiz led an exciting and fulfilling personal life beyond culinary creations. Married for over eight years to Marie Riccio – another enthusiast in culinary arts – who tied the knot privately during late 2000s, Carl and Marie shared a deep affection for cooking together; unfortunately their marriage ended due to unknown reasons and post-divorce, Ruiz lived an independent existence without becoming embroiled in public disputes or romantic affairs.

Early Life and Family Background

Carl Ruiz’s journey began in Passaic, New Jersey, where he grew up in a family deeply rooted in the food industry. His parents, Elisa and Yezzid Ruiz, ran a tire shop, instilling in Carl a sense of hard work and community service from a young age. Ruiz’s family background, particularly his Cuban mother and grandmother, played a significant role in shaping his culinary perspective. They were described as natural culinary artists, influencing Ruiz’s approach to cooking and his appreciation for diverse flavors and ingredients.

Children and Personal Relationships

While Carl Ruiz did not have children of his own, his ex-wife Marie Riccio had two children from a previous relationship, Michelle M. Kirby and Robert V. Kirby. Ruiz’s personal life, though private, was filled with relationships that influenced his career. His bond with his ex-wife, for instance, extended into the professional realm, with Ruiz opening an Italian Specialties cafe for her in New Jersey.

Health Issues and Legacy

Carl Ruiz faced serious health difficulties towards the end of his life and passed away from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease on September 2019, aged 44. This tragedy represented a tremendous loss both to culinary world and to his many fans. Tributes poured in from friends and colleagues, notably from Guy Fieri, who expressed profound grief and admiration for Ruiz’s talent and friendship.

Carl Ruiz’s legacy extends beyond his television appearances and culinary prowess. Ruiz’s life story exemplifies his passion for food, his devotion to family and friends, and his ability to inspire those he meets. From tire shops in New Jersey all the way up to national television screens he is an inspiring testament of how hard work, talent and charisma can create successful and influential careers.


Carl Ruiz’s life was a rich tapestry of culinary excellence, personal relationships, and professional achievements. His journey from a humble background to becoming a beloved television personality and chef was marked by his undeniable talent and infectious personality. As the culinary world remembers him, his legacy continues to inspire aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts worldwide.


  1. Who is Carl Ruiz’s ex-wife?
    • Marie Riccio, an American restaurateur, was Carl Ruiz’s ex-wife and a fellow culinary enthusiast.
  2. What does Marie Riccio do for a living?
    • Marie Riccio owns an Italian Specialties cafe, located in Hickory Square Mall in Chatham Township, New Jersey.
  3. Did Carl Ruiz and Marie Riccio have any children together?
    • No, Carl and Marie did not have children together; Marie has two children from a previous relationship.
  4. How did Carl Ruiz contribute to Marie Riccio’s career?
    • Carl Ruiz opened the Italian Specialties cafe for Marie, showcasing their shared passion for cooking.
  5. When did Carl Ruiz and Marie Riccio get married?
    • They married in the late 2000s in a private ceremony, surrounded by close friends and family.

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