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Brad Mcgarry Obituary How Did Brad Mcgarry Died? Know Brad Mcgarry Cause Of Death!

In the quiet town of Bellaire, Ohio, a shocking murder case unfolded, revealing a tangled web of secrecy, love, and betrayal. Brad McGarry’s death, which initially seemed like a burglary gone wrong, unraveled to expose a tragic story of a forbidden affair and a friendship that ended in murder. This case, which gripped the community, is a poignant reminder of the complexities of human relationships and the sometimes devastating consequences of hidden truths.

Who Was Brad McGarry?

Brad McGarry was 43 when he lived and worked as a coal miner in Bellaire, Ohio. A kind-hearted individual known for being actively engaged with his community, Brad was well liked in Bellaire but faced many complexities throughout life–openly gay as it may be, becoming involved with an illicit relationship which ultimately lead to tragic circumstances in Bellaire.

What Happened to Brad McGarry?

Authorities were met with an unpleasant scene at Brad McGarry’s residence on May 24, 2017: his body lay lying in his basement, leading them initially to suspect an attempted break-in attempt by burglars; as investigations progressed further however, it became evident that this scene was preplanned; its motivation much deeper and complex than initially assumed.

How Did Brad McGarry Die?

Brad McGarry died as the result of two gunshot wounds to the head from someone he trusted deeply, which made the act all the more shocking and heartless. What initially appeared as an act of robbery turned out to be meticulously staged with great intent of concealing what actually was an attempt at revenge by hiding its true motive.

Cause of Death: A Tale of Love and Betrayal

The case took a dramatic turn when David Kinney, Brad McGarry’s best friend, was identified as the perpetrator. The investigation uncovered that Kinney and McGarry were involved in a secret romantic relationship, one that Kinney was desperate to conceal. Kinney, a married man, was torn between his affair with McGarry and his marriage. The situation reached a boiling point when McGarry, deeply in love, pressured Kinney to leave his wife. Kinney, trapped in his dual life, chose a path of violence to silence his affair and maintain his facade.

On May 9, 2023, David Kinney’s arrest brought an unpleasant conclusion to this case. His claim of self-defense fell flat against evidence suggesting a carefully orchestrated murder; Kinney’s actions not only ended McGarry’s life but also destroyed those around him – showing just what can come of living life with lies and fear.

A Story That Resonates

The Brad McGarry murder case transcends a simple narrative of crime and punishment. It touches on deeper societal issues – the struggles faced by individuals in LGBTQ+ relationships, especially in conservative communities, and the destructive nature of living a double life. Kinney’s desperate attempts to conceal his sexuality and relationship with McGarry speak volumes about the societal pressures that lead to such tragic outcomes.

As this case is detailed in an upcoming Dateline NBC episode, it promises to offer more insights into the personal struggles and societal challenges that culminated in this tragedy. The episode, scheduled to air on October 26, 2023, will likely shed more light on the complexities of this case, reminding us of the often-painful intersection of personal truth and societal expectations.

Brad McGarry’s murder provides not only a criminal investigation case study but also a poignant narrative about love, betrayal and the pressures which often shape personal decisions. It serves as a tragic reminder of people going to great lengths to hide truth despite catastrophic outcomes; watching this story play out on national TV will no doubt prompt reflections on love friendship and living lies.


  1. Who was Brad McGarry?
    • Brad McGarry was a 43-year-old man from Bellaire, Ohio, working in a coal mine and known for his kindness.
  2. How did Brad McGarry die?
    • Brad McGarry died from two gunshot wounds to the head, inflicted by his best friend, David Kinney.
  3. What was the motive behind Brad McGarry’s murder?
    • The murder was motivated by David Kinney’s attempt to conceal their secret romantic relationship.
  4. When was Brad McGarry’s body found?
    • McGarry’s body was discovered in May 2017, in the basement of his home in Bellaire, Ohio.
  5. What was the initial suspected cause of Brad McGarry’s death?
    • Initially, authorities suspected a botched burglary, but further investigation revealed the actual motive behind the murder.

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