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Who Is Cheri Kinney Husband David Kinney? Where Is Cheri Kinney Now?

Bellaire, Ohio was hit hard on May 7, 2017 when Brad McGarry’s death left everyone reeling in disbelief and fear for their community. Following further investigation it was discovered that David Kinney, his best friend and secret lover had murdered Brad with Cheri Kinney as David Kinney was his killer – unwittingly becoming involved with an intricate web of love, betrayal and murder which eventually claimed Cheri as well. This article explores her life; her relationship to David; as well as where Cheri stands now in relation to all this tragedy.

Who is Cheri Kinney?

Cheri Kinney’s life before the tragic events seemed like that of any other small-town resident. She was a proud single mother, navigating the challenges of life, when David Kinney entered her world. Their relationship began on October 1, 2007, sparked by a connection so intense that David confessed his love within just a day of meeting her. Despite their different backgrounds, with Cheri being a single mother and David only having been in one serious relationship, their love blossomed into marriage.

Their mutual friend, Michelle Moodie, noted that David embraced Cheri’s children as his own, indicating the depth of his commitment. Their family and friends saw their union as a perfect match, a sentiment echoed by David’s mother, Cathy Cline. She believed that Cheri was David’s “forever,” and that they were meant to be together. However, the unforeseen events of May 7, 2017, would forever alter the course of their lives.

Cheri Kinney Husband Dark Secret

The day that changed everything began innocently, with the couple visiting their friend Brad McGarry to drop off a weed whacker. They found Brad’s door ajar and discovered him lifeless in a pool of blood, a scene that would haunt anyone. Cheri’s frantic 911 call revealed the shock and horror of the moment.

As investigations unfolded, a grim reality surfaced. David Kinney was not just the finder of the body but the one who pulled the trigger. His confession to Cheri revealed a hidden affair with Brad and the tumultuous confrontation that led to the murder. David claimed self-defense, but his actions shattered Cheri’s world, leaving her in disbelief and sorrow.

Where is Cheri Kinney Now?

In the aftermath of the murder and David’s subsequent life sentence on February 6, 2018, Cheri Kinney’s life took a turn towards privacy. Despite the initial shock and the apparent end of her marriage, Cheri stood by David during his trial, highlighting his role as a father figure to her children. This action portrayed a complex picture of loyalty, love, and perhaps, a struggle to reconcile with the man she thought she knew.

Today, Cheri prefers to stay out of the limelight, likely focusing on raising her children in Bellaire, Ohio. Her choice to remain private reflects her desire to protect her family from the public scrutiny and judgment that often accompany such high-profile cases. The journey for Cheri Kinney has undoubtedly been one of unexpected turns, filled with pain and resilience.

In conclusion, the story of Cheri Kinney encapsulates the unpredictable nature of life and relationships. It’s a tale of love found and tragically lost, of betrayal from the most unexpected place, and of a woman’s strength to navigate through the aftermath. Her story, while intertwined with a notorious crime, is also her own – a narrative of enduring and rebuilding in the face of unimaginable circumstances.


  1. Who is Cheri Kinney’s husband?
    David Kinney, convicted for the murder of Brad McGarry, was Cheri’s husband during the time of the crime.
  2. What crime did Cheri Kinney’s husband commit?
    David Kinney shot and killed Brad McGarry, his secret lover and best friend, in a tragic turn of events.
  3. When was Cheri Kinney’s husband convicted?
    David Kinney was convicted on February 6, 2018, receiving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.
  4. Where is Cheri Kinney’s husband now?
    David Kinney is currently serving his life sentence in Noble Correctional Institution, Caldwell, Ohio.
  5. Did Cheri Kinney testify in her husband’s trial?
    Yes, Cheri testified in support of David Kinney during his trial, emphasizing his role as a father figure.

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