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Why Head Coach Brad Laird Resigned? Why Did Northwestern State Cancel Football Season?

In a move that reflects the profound impact of a tragic incident, Northwestern State University announced the cancellation of the remainder of its 2023 football season. This decision comes in the wake of the devastating loss of junior safety Ronnie Caldwell. Compounding this sorrowful situation is the resignation of Brad Laird, the team’s head coach, who cited the emotional toll of Caldwell’s passing as a key factor in his decision.

Who Was Ronnie Caldwell?

Ronnie Caldwell, a junior safety hailing from Cedar Park, Texas, was a transfer from Tyler Junior College in 2021. Despite battling an injury, he remained a vital part of the team, assisting in a coaching capacity. His dedication to helping fellow defensive backs with their techniques and schemes showcased his unwavering commitment to the team. The Natchitoches Police Department is currently investigating his death, which occurred after Caldwell was shot multiple times near the university campus.

Impact of Caldwell’s Death on the Team

The tragic loss of Ronnie Caldwell has had a profound and deeply emotional impact on the Northwestern State University football team. Recognizing the magnitude of this loss, NSU President Marcus Jones emphasized the importance of prioritizing the mental health and wellbeing of the student-athletes. The decision to cancel the season reflects a compassionate approach, valuing the need for time to mourn and heal over the urge to continue with athletic commitments.

Why Brad Laird Resigned

The emotional burden stemming from Ronnie Caldwell’s death prompted Head Coach Brad Laird to resign. Laird, who had a deep connection with the team and the university, expressed that the loss felt akin to losing a family member. His resignation speaks volumes about the gravity of the situation and his commitment to the wellbeing of his players and himself.

The Demons’ Season and Future Prospects

Under Laird’s guidance, the Demons faced a challenging season, holding a record of 0-6 overall and 0-2 in the Southland Conference. The unexpected cancellation of the remaining games, including a significant matchup against McNeese State, marks a pause in the team’s pursuits. However, Athletic Director Kevin Bostian remains optimistic about the future of Northwestern State football, acknowledging Laird’s contributions and looking forward to the program’s resurgence.

Appointment of the Interim Head Coach

As a response to these events, the athletic department appointed Weston Glaser – assistant head coach and defensive coordinator – as interim head coach. This decision ensures a continuity of leadership and support during this trying time for both him and the team alike. Glaser will play an instrumental role in helping guide both parties through their grieving processes while simultaneously planning ahead for future seasons.


The series of events at Northwestern State University underscores the profound impact an individual can have on a community. Ronnie Caldwell’s death has prompted not only a reevaluation of the current football season but also a reminder of the importance of mental health and emotional support in collegiate sports. As the university navigates this difficult time, the focus remains on healing, remembering Caldwell’s legacy, and looking forward to rebuilding a resilient and supportive football program.


  1. Why did Brad Laird resign as Northwestern State’s football coach?
    • Laird resigned due to the emotional impact of Ronnie Caldwell’s death, feeling unable to fully commit to his role.
  2. Who will replace Brad Laird as Northwestern State’s interim head coach?
    • Assistant head coach and defensive coordinator Weston Glaser has been appointed as the interim head coach.
  3. What was Northwestern State’s record under Brad Laird before his resignation?
    • The Demons were 0-6 overall and 0-2 in the Southland Conference during the 2023 season before Laird’s resignation.
  4. How long did Brad Laird serve as Northwestern State’s head coach?
    • Brad Laird served as head coach for six seasons at Northwestern State University.
  5. What impact did Ronnie Caldwell’s death have on the football team?
    • Caldwell’s death deeply affected the team, leading to the season’s cancellation and Laird’s resignation due to emotional distress.

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