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Is XDefiant Crossplay? Multiplayer Options Explored as Closed Beta Goes Live

XDefiant is one of the most-awaited games of the year. The video game by Ubisoft is a ‘first-person arena shooter’ featuring factions. While the game has not been launched yet, closed beta play is now available to some players.

One thing that largely enhances the experience of gaming is crossplay functionality, which lets you play with other players on different platforms. Many users are now wondering if the feature will be there in XDefiant. Read on to find out.

Is XDefiant Crossplay?

Yes, XDefiant is crossplay as it supports multiplayer options on cross-platform. So if you have a PS5, you can play with your friends who own an Xbox and vice versa. There will also be cross-progression support, so you can transfer your game progress from one console to another by logging in with your Ubisoft account.

The cross-play feature was announced in February during an insider session by Ubisoft, where the company asked for feedback from players. At the time, the developers asked the users if it was ‘easy to connect and play with friends on multiple platforms,’ and how would they rate ‘the overall Cross-Play experience’.

XDefiant Closed Beta is Now Available

Ubisoft has now launched the closed beta for XDefiant, which will help the developers to take further feedback from players before they launch the game officially. The closed beta is only available on the current-gen consoles, i.e. PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. It will be live through 11:00 pm PT on April 23rd.

The beta mode features four modes: Escort, Zone Control, Domination, and Occupy; and 14 maps: Attica Heights, Arena, DUMBO, Echelon HQ, Emporium, Liberty, Mayday, Meltdown, Midway, Nudleplex, Pueblito, Showtime, Times Square and Zoo.

There will also be rewards for gamers who are able to progress the beta game. These include M4A1 “Disruption” Weapon Skin, Emery “Dungaree” Character Skin, M870 “Cobalt” Weapon Skin, Emoji “XD Style”, Magnum “Black & Bling” Weapon Skin, MP7 “Graffiti” Weapon Skin, MK20 “Pelagic” Weapon Skin, Quinn “Hi-Velocity” Character Skin, MVP/Profile/KS “Hi-Velocity” Player Card and MP5 “TechX” Weapon Skin.

Players get access to close beta using a code. The code is provided to a few lucky players by Ubisoft who sign up on its official website. Codes are sometimes also dropped on Twitter and other social media accounts of XDefiant.

XDefiant Release Date

Ubisoft has still not announced the official release date for the game. It is expected to be dropped sometime later this year. XDefiant has been in development since 2021 and the official website still quotes the release date as ‘Coming Soon’. The game is being touted as an ‘exciting alternative to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.’

“Ubisoft’s worlds collide in a free-to-play, first-person arena shooter where you compete to be the best in fast-paced online matches! Join an always-evolving experience with regular updates bringing new playable factions and a growing collection of maps, weapons, and game modes. With cross-play, you will be able to join your friends across available platforms,” reads the game description.

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