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Tips To Solve The Shadow-Banned Problem Of Instagram Reels

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Have you ever felt like your content reach was suddenly limited by Instagram? If you are a content creator, you must have faced this scenario at least once. It mostly happens due to IG reels using copyrighted music or hashtags on sensitive topics. Instagram reels have a significant role in increasing your reach. 

If you have ever faced the shadowban scenario, you probably know how frustrating it can be for a content creator. But don’t worry anymore, because you are in the right place. Today, we will discuss some tips to solve the shadow-banned problem of Instagram reels. So, are you ready? Let’s delve into this problem to find a solution.   

What is Exactly an Instagram Shadowban? 

An Instagram shadowbanning is an unofficial ban on content that seems like your posts/reels have become invisible to the community.  Although Instagram doesn’t officially accept the broad term shadow ban, the harm it causes to a creator’s content and reach is actual. 

However, owing to public complaints, Instagram is trying to solve the following issues by working on its algorithms. 

  • Unlike your previous reels, you receive a handful of views and likes. 
  • Shadowban negatively affects your account reach and content visibility, including posts, reels, and stories.
  • You will experience restrictions or removal of comments from your reels.
  • Your content won’t be visible on the explore page or search tab of viewers. 
  • The notifications of people following you will be visible to you, but there will be no increase in the count of followers on your profile.

Tips to Avoid Shadow Ban on Instagram Reels 

It will be helpful for you to avoid getting a shadow ban to be on the safe side despite IG’s efforts to resolve the issue. Abide by the following tips to avoid getting your reels shadow-banned.      

Follow the Community Guidelines 

Keep the privacy policy and terms of services in mind, which most people don’t find necessary. If you have not read them, take a few minutes and read them. You can avoid getting shadow-banned by abiding by community guidelines. Make a positive environment on your page and be creative. 

Don’t Act Like a Bot 

Don’t ever follow too many people at once. Similarly, don’t unfollow a lot of people at once. Instagram’s algorithm considers this tactic spammy and may limit your reach, considering you a bot rather than a human. Avoid using third-party tools to auto-like your posts.

Be Consistent 

You need to post at least 3 to 4 reels to enhance your reach despite your busy schedule in a week. You can schedule your posts beforehand to increase your reach and followers organically. Make quality content and keep experimenting with it. 

Avoid Using Banned Content  

After abiding by the community guidelines, you should also avoid using banned content. For example, nudity is not allowed on Instagram. If your content gets a report by someone or algorithms track down suspicious activity, you will be shadow-banned and blocked in a worse scenario. Also, avoid using sensitive or suicidal hashtags. 

Take Copyright Infringement Warning Seriously

Avoid using copyrighted music because Instagram takes copyright infringement quite seriously. You must have often gotten a copyright strike on the background music on your reels. If IG continuously notices the use of copyrighted music, it can also lead to the shadowban of the account. Always use music from Instagram’s built-in library and give credit to the officials who own those rights. 

Delete the Banned Reels 

If the shadow-ban persists, it’s better to delete all the banned reels for a while. You can download Instagram reel videos using any Insta reel downloader to keep them saved in your gallery. Post them later when your shadowban issue gets resolved. Keep posting random reels consistently until your account is back to normal. Many online Insta reel savers are available on internet marketing, but we offer you the best Instagram reel downloader https://on4t.com/instagram-reels-video-download.

Final Words

Instagram reels are the leading feature of Instagram that helps content creators show their creativity concisely. But sometimes, their careless use leads to your account getting shadow-banned. We discussed what an Instagram shadowban is and tips to avoid it. I’m sure this article will help you resolve your shadow-ban issue. Feel free to share our article with your dear ones facing the same problem if it works for you. 

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