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Who Are Richard Moll Ex-Wives Susan Brown and Laura Class, and Children?

Who Was Richard Moll?

The entertainment world recently lost a versatile actor, Richard Moll, known for his towering height and deep voice, leaving a legacy in television and voice acting. Born on January 13, 1943, in Pasadena, Richard Moll became a familiar face on TV screens and a distinct voice in animation. His journey from a UC Berkeley graduate to a beloved actor is a testament to his talent and hard work.

What Made Richard Moll a Household Name?

Richard Moll’s most notable role was in the hit sitcom ‘Night Court’, where he played the lovable yet intimidating court officer, ‘Bull’ Shannon. His performance from 1984 to 1992 showcased his unique ability to blend physical comedy with a gentle giant persona, endearing him to audiences worldwide.

How Did Moll Expand His Artistic Horizons?

Beyond ‘Night Court’, Richard Moll had a significant impact in the realm of voice acting. His deep, resonant voice brought to life characters in iconic animated series. Fans will remember his portrayal of Harvey Dent in ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ and the menacing Scorpion in ‘Spider-Man: The Animated Series’. These roles displayed his versatility and skill in bringing animated characters to life.

Who Are Richard Moll Ex-Wives & Children?

Richard Moll’s personal life saw him finding love and family. He was married twice, first to Laura Class and then to Susan Brown. With Brown, he had two children, Chloe and Mason, and also embraced the role of a stepfather to Cassandra Card and Morgan Ostling. These relationships added a different dimension to the life of this esteemed actor.

What Do Fans Remember About Moll?

Fans and colleagues have shared heartfelt tributes, reminiscing about Richard Moll’s impact both on and off the screen. Social media platforms have been abuzz with anecdotes and memories, painting a picture of an actor who was as kind and humorous in real life as he was on screen. A fan recalled how Moll, despite his towering stature, possessed the presence of a kitten, highlighting his gentle nature.

What Is Moll’s Legacy in Entertainment?

Richard Moll leaves behind a rich legacy that spans different facets of acting. His ability to seamlessly transition from live-action roles to voice acting set him apart in the entertainment industry. Moll’s performances in ‘Night Court’ and various animated series have cemented his place as a versatile and beloved actor.

How Has His Passing Affected the Entertainment Community?

The news of Richard Moll’s passing has sent ripples through the entertainment community. His colleagues and fans mourn the loss of an actor who was much more than his on-screen persona. He was a man who brought laughter, joy, and unforgettable memories to those who worked with him and watched him perform.

Richard Moll’s death marks the end of an era for fans of ‘Night Court’ and admirers of his voice acting. His contributions to television and animation have left an indelible mark. As the entertainment world and his fans mourn, they also celebrate the life of a man who brought so much joy through his work. Richard Moll, at 80, leaves behind a legacy of laughter, versatility, and an enduring presence in the hearts of many.


  1. Who was Richard Moll married to?
    • Richard Moll was married twice, first to Laura Class and later to Susan Brown.
  2. Did Richard Moll have any children?
    • Yes, Richard Moll had two children, Chloe and Mason, with his second wife, Susan Brown.
  3. Was Richard Moll a stepfather?
    • Yes, he was a stepfather to two children, Cassandra Card and Morgan Ostling, from his second wife’s previous relationship.
  4. How did Richard Moll’s family react to his passing?
    • Richard Moll’s family expressed deep sorrow and remembered him fondly, though specific statements weren’t publicly disclosed.
  5. Did Richard Moll’s family have a role in his career?
    • While not directly involved in his career, Moll’s family supported his acting journey, as evident from shared personal anecdotes.

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