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Who Are Matthew Perry’s Parents And Siblings? Everything We Know So Far!

The sudden demise of Matthew Perry, a star renowned for his role in the iconic TV series “Friends,” has cast a spotlight on his distinct family background. Perry, who was 54 at the time of his passing, hailed from a large, blended Canadian-American family. His legacy is carried on by his parents and five half-siblings, each contributing to the diverse tapestry of his life.

Family MemberRelation to Matthew PerryKey Details
Suzanne PerryMotherFormer press secretary to Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau; later turned to political consulting and fundraising.
John Bennett PerryFatherActor known for roles in ’70s TV shows and commercials, including “Falcon Crest” and Old Spice ads.
Keith MorrisonStepfatherLong-time correspondent for NBC’s “Dateline”; married to Suzanne Perry.
Maria “Mia” PerryHalf-Sister (Paternal)Daughter of John Bennett Perry and his second wife, Debbie Boyle; described as the “hub of the Perry family” by Matthew.
Caitlin MorrisonHalf-Sister (Maternal)First child of Suzanne Perry and Keith Morrison; briefly tried acting.
Emily MorrisonHalf-Sister (Maternal)Second child of Suzanne Perry and Keith Morrison; known to have made a few public appearances with Matthew.
Will MorrisonHalf-Brother (Maternal)Third child of Suzanne Perry and Keith Morrison; has kept a low public profile.
Madeline MorrisonHalf-Sister (Maternal)Fourth child of Suzanne Perry and Keith Morrison; followed in her father’s footsteps with a career at “Dateline.”

Who Were Matthew Perry’s Influential Parents?

Matthew’s life was shaped significantly by his parents, Suzanne Perry and John Bennett Perry. Suzanne, a formidable presence in the Canadian political scene, worked as a press secretary to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau before transitioning into political consulting. Her influence extended beyond the professional realm, as she also shaped Matthew’s early social circles, including interactions with current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

John Bennett Perry, Matthew’s father, paralleled his son’s path in the entertainment industry. A prominent actor in the ’70s, he is remembered for his roles in “Falcon Crest” and as the face of Old Spice commercials. His artistic legacy continued as he co-starred with Matthew in the film “Fools Rush In” and made a cameo on “Friends.”

How Did Keith Morrison Impact Matthew’s Life?

Matthew’s stepfather, Keith Morrison, a distinguished figure in journalism, has been with NBC’s “Dateline” since 1995. His relationship with Matthew, beginning when the actor was just 10, was marked by mutual respect and support, especially evident during Matthew’s health struggles. Morrison’s presence provided stability and encouragement during critical moments of Matthew’s life.

Exploring the Bonds with Half-Siblings: A Source of Joy and Complexity

Matthew’s familial ties extended to his five half-siblings, with whom he shared a mix of closeness and complexity. His memoir, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” sheds light on these relationships.

Caitlin Morrison: An Early Influence on Matthew’s Life

Born in 1981 to Suzanne and Keith, Caitlin was the first of the Morrison siblings. Matthew’s role as an older brother to Caitlin sparked his desire for family, a theme recurrent in his memoir. Despite the love he felt for her, Matthew also experienced feelings of isolation within the growing family unit.

Emily Morrison: Symbolizing Family Changes

Matthew’s relationship with his second sister, Emily, born in 1985, was bittersweet. He adored her, yet her arrival signified increasing complexities in the family dynamics, contributing to Matthew feeling like an outsider.

Will Morrison: The Low-Profile Brother

Will Morrison, the couple’s third child born in 1987, maintained a low-key presence. His relationship with Matthew was private, yet profoundly significant, as evidenced in Matthew’s writings.

Madeleine Morrison: Following in Family Footsteps

The youngest of the Morrison siblings, Madeline, born in 1989, pursued a career echoing her father’s, as a “Dateline” producer. Matthew’s memoir highlights the support and care she provided during his health crises.

Maria “Mia” Perry: The Link to Matthew’s Paternal Legacy

Maria, born to John Bennett Perry and his second wife in 1986, held a special place as the ‘hub’ of the Perry family, according to Matthew’s memoir. Her candidness and support during Matthew’s health challenges were pivotal.

Concluding Thoughts

Matthew Perry’s life, a tapestry woven through professional triumphs and personal challenges, was deeply influenced by his family. This diverse and supportive network played a crucial role in both his happiest moments and during times of adversity. Understanding this family dynamic offers a deeper insight into the late actor’s life and the legacy he leaves behind.


  1. Who are Matthew Perry’s parents?
    • Matthew Perry’s parents are Suzanne Perry, a former Canadian political consultant, and John Bennett Perry, an American actor.
  2. Did Matthew Perry have any siblings?
    • Yes, Matthew Perry had five half-siblings: Caitlin, Emily, Will, and Madeline Morrison, and Maria Perry.
  3. What is known about Matthew Perry’s stepfather?
    • Matthew’s stepfather, Keith Morrison, is a well-known journalist with NBC’s “Dateline.”
  4. Were Matthew Perry’s parents involved in the entertainment industry?
    • His father, John Bennett Perry, was an actor, but his mother, Suzanne, worked in politics and communications.
  5. How did Matthew Perry describe his relationship with his siblings?
    • In his memoir, Perry spoke fondly of his siblings, describing a deep bond despite feeling occasionally like an outsider.

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