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Four Ways to Protect Yourself Against Tool Theft

If you’re a tradesperson, then a set of high-quality tools is often a worthwhile investment. They’ll allow you to achieve better results, lower your costs in the long run, and get the job done faster. But when you’re keeping expensive tools, whether it’s in a van or a building, you’ll need to think about security.

Power tools are precisely the kind of thing that’s attractive to thieves. They’re high-value, they’re easily picked up and carried away, and they’re in demand across the world (and thus perfect for black-market resellers). Worse, according to various police forces, a thief will often strike twice in the same place, in the hope that tools have been replaced before the security has been upgraded.

So, what should we do about this problem? A combination of solutions is worth pursuing.

Identify your tools

By marking your tools with a unique identifier, you’ll deter thefts. When tools are uniquely identifiable, they’re much more difficult to sell – because it will be obvious that the goods already have an owner. In some cases, you might even be able to trace your products yourself.

Install CCTV and alarms

It’s never been simpler to safeguard your entire premises with the help of CCTV and connected alarm systems. These can now be interconnected wirelessly, and thus they’re not only less expensive to install, but less vulnerable to sabotage, too.

Secure your van

Tools which are left in a vehicle overnight are often easy targets for thieves. It takes mere seconds for a committed thief to break into a van and make off with the tools, and so specialised security measures are called for. In the case of certain prestigious brands, like Milwaukee Tools, the losses can be considerable. You might even look for trackable tools, so that you can check your inventory, and see when something goes missing, using Bluetooth tracking hardware.

Another solution is to park your van such that the rear is pressed up against a wall. While not a completely effective strategy, it can often be enough to deter a break-in.

Consider bringing them indoors

If leaving your tools in the van every night makes them vulnerable, then you might be tempted to bring them inside, instead. This approach makes for additional hassle, especially if you have many tools to move. But in many cases, this can be the safer option. Pack everything into a single mobile container, and get into the habit of bringing it in. Of course, making the commitment to doing this, and actually finding the energy to do it at the end of a long day, are two different things. If you’re tempted to leave it, think of the money you stand to lose!

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