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The Top Bonuses and Features Used by Poker Sites to Attract New Players

Poker is one of the world’s most beloved card games and can be found virtually everywhere around the globe. Since the advent of the internet, its popularity has become even greater; many prefer online gambling websites to enjoy playing it. This is why there are also dozens of high-level, international poker websites. However, even timesunion’s premium selection of poker sites need to attract players somehow. Usually, the operators do this by introducing bonuses and other features. In this review, we’ll get to discuss the top bonuses and features used by the best poker sites.

Big Bonuses

The first feature that top poker sites have implemented to attract new players comes in the form of big bonuses. This allows players to make a deposit and get free betting money that they can use on poker. Popular bonuses come in the form of free tournament entry tickets, free poker bets, cashback bonuses, and more. You’ll easily be able to find all the information regarding the biggest bonuses in the promotions section of the poker site.

That being said, it’s always important to read the terms and conditions of the bonuses. It will give you all of the knowledge to maximize any bonus offers that may exist – some bonuses might seem too good to be true! They may come with stringent terms and conditions, such as big wagering requirements or short allotted time. This is why it’s best to get the best first-hand information by reading the terms and conditions.

A Choice of Different Payment Options

Different players have different preferences when it comes to payment options. Some people prefer to make deposits and withdrawals with VISA cards. Others prefer to use bank transfers. Other still would want to use e-wallets like Neteller. The reason why players prefer different payment options is that they all have their pros and cons. Some payment options are faster than others, or cheaper, or simply more convenient.

This is why it’s important that there’s a selection of payment options for players to choose from. A top-rated online poker site will have a variety of available payment methods for players. This gives players the freedom to use whatever payment method they prefer on the site and make seamless transactions.

A Simple Layout

Some poker sites have a major disadvantage of having a confusing layout. New players have it hard when finding their way on the site. On the other side, there are poker sites that have a simple, effective layout. Note that a simple layout doesn’t mean that it’s bland. It can be both simple and stylish. Players need to be able to find all the important sections of the site easily – such as the games lobby, the deposit page, the bonus page and others. A simple layout does wonders for attracting new players.

Round the Clock Customer Service

Another important feature of top-rated poker sites comes in the form of customer service. First and foremost, players need to be able to contact customer service in more than one way. This includes live chat, email and phone. A helpful FAQ section also goes a long way towards attracting new players. Also, the customer service team needs to be on point. Inquiries should be replied to promptly and succinctly, giving the best value to new players. Also, the customer teem needs to consist of dedicated professionals that are good at what they do and are always ready to help.

A Big Selection of Poker Tournaments

Players always want to have a big selection of poker tournaments available to play on. So, poker websites that have a wide selection of tournaments will invariably rank higher in attracting and retaining new players and visitors. Popular tournaments for poker enthusiasts to attend include the World Series of Poker, PokerStars World Poker Tour GG Poker. If a site lacks enough tournament offerings it will find it much harder to attract new players and achieve growth. The Timesunion’s premium selection of poker sites is rich of sites that have many high-level tournaments.

Attracting New Player on Poker Sites

So, by now you’ve learned the major features that poker site operators use to attract new players. These include a clean layout, big bonuses, a wide selection of tournaments, quality customer service and more. Once you find such a poker site that has all of these features, you will be delighted to have the best online poker experience yourself.

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