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Halsey Splits from her Record Label Capitol Records After TikTok Call Out

Halsey and her record label Capitol Records have decided to part ways. The Without Me singer has been with the record company for the last 8 years. Although, the pop star called out the record label in May 2022. At that point in time, she claimed that the company was blocking the release of a new song.

Soon after, Capitol Records reaffirmed its commitment to the 28-year-old musician and allowed her to release the song So Good nearly a week later. Continue reading further to learn the reason behind Halsey’s decision to leave Capitol Records.

Halsey splits from record label Capitol Records

Yeah, you read that right. The Could Have Been Me singer Halsey and her record label Capitol Records have gone their separate ways. In a statement issued, Halsey’s managers, Anti-Pop’s Jason Aron, and Anthony Li, told Rolling Stone, “After eight great years the decision to leave Capitol is bittersweet, but we are excited about exploring a new partnership and sharing new music with fans.”

The record company Capitol Records also put a statement of their own that read, “Everyone at Capitol poured their hearts and souls into helping Halsey achieve their dreams and present their music to the world. We are incredibly proud of all we accomplished together, and wish Halsey the very best in all their future endeavors.”

All you need to know about Halsey’s issues with Capitol Records

In the year 2022, the Him & I singer took to social media and claimed that the record company Capitol Records refused to drop her new song So Good until and unless they conducted a TikTok campaign to promote it. Then, she spilled the beans on the whole matter on social media. At that time, she wrote, “Basically I have a song that I love that I wanna release ASAP. But my record label won’t let me.”

On May 21, 2022, Capitol Records took to their official social media handles to issue an open letter to Halsey. They said, “Halsey, we love you and are here to support you. We are committing to a release of ‘So Good’ on June 9th, 2022… We are an artist-first company that encourages open dialogue. We have nothing but a desire to help each one of our artists succeed, and hope that we can continue to have these critical conversations.”

In the coming weeks, Halsey continued to slam the label but the public dispute between her and the record label ultimately calmed down. Then, she told her followers, “Now I can go back to using TikTok for my real plan: Using witchcraft to take over the world. … Thanks for keeping up with this fiasco. Hope you love the song.”

Halsey’s latest song Die 4 Me saw the light of day on February 23, 2023. Some of the popular songs of the rock star are as follows: Without Me, Closer, Colors, Him & I, and Bad at Love.

What is your stance on Halsey’s decision to leave Capitol Records? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Stay in touch with us for more updates from the world.

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