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Ace Hardware Hit By Cybersecurity Breach Everything We Know So Far!

Ace Hardware, a prominent retailer headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, has confirmed that it is actively managing the repercussions of a recent cyber attack. The unsettling news was disclosed by John Venhuizen, the President & CEO, who communicated the crisis to the company’s members and retail customers.

What Happened at Ace Hardware?

On a quiet Sunday morning, Ace Hardware’s IT infrastructure fell prey to a digital onslaught. This cybersecurity incident was not a silent attack; it was forceful enough to disrupt the majority of the retailer’s IT systems. The company’s main operating systems, including ACENET, Warehouse Management Systems, and the Ace Retailer Mobile Assistant (ARMA), among others, were either interrupted or completely suspended.

How Serious is the Impact?

The ripple effects of the attack were immediate and significant. Venhuizen’s message spelled out the consequences, indicating that the breach had halted many critical operational services. This included the Hot Sheets, Invoices, Ace Rewards, and even the Care Center’s phone system. The attack’s severity became even more evident when it was clear that shipments and deliveries were directly affected, with scheduled deliveries for October 30th being outright canceled.

Is Online Shopping at Ace Hardware Affected?

In a digital era where online shopping is ubiquitous, the cyber attack’s timing could not have been worse. By Monday afternoon, a conspicuous banner on Ace’s website announced the inability to process online orders. This was a clear indication of the extent to which the cyber incident had paralyzed the retailer’s online commerce capabilities.

What About In-Store Purchases?

Despite the digital turmoil, Ace Hardware has been steering customers towards a more traditional route. The company advised customers in need of hardware products to visit the nearest physical Ace locations. This pivot to brick-and-mortar stores serves as a temporary bulwark against the cyber attack’s impact on digital and delivery services.

How is Ace Hardware Responding?

Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, Venhuizen assured that the company is not tackling the issue lightly. A dedicated team at Ace, with the assistance of technical forensic experts, has been mobilized to mitigate the crisis. The CEO’s note emphasized the urgent and relentless efforts being undertaken to restore full operational capacity.

What Does This Mean for Ace Hardware Customers?

The cyber attack’s immediate consequence for customers is an interruption in the usual ease and convenience of shopping with Ace. While the company has assured that physical stores remain operational, those accustomed to the digital shopping experience must adapt temporarily. The breach also poses concerns regarding data security, although at the time of Venhuizen’s message, no specifics about data breaches were mentioned.

What are the Next Steps for Ace Hardware?

In his address, Venhuizen conveyed a singular focus for the retailer: the restoration of all operations as swiftly as possible. The use of the word “feverishly” to describe the team’s efforts suggests a no-stone-unturned approach to resolving the cyber attack’s aftermath. The company is likely to continue its thorough investigation into the breach, bolster its cybersecurity measures, and keep its customers and members informed of its progress.


Ace Hardware’s encounter with cyber adversity has brought to light the vulnerability of even the most established retail operations. It is a stark reminder of the importance of robust cybersecurity strategies in today’s increasingly digital world. As Ace Hardware works tirelessly to return to normalcy, its customers can only hope for a swift resolution and perhaps, take this moment to appreciate the resilience offered by physical retail in the face of digital disruptions.


  • FAQ 1: What happened in the Ace Hardware cyber attack?
    Ace Hardware’s IT systems were severely disrupted by a cybersecurity incident, affecting various operational and customer service platforms.
  • FAQ 2: Are Ace Hardware’s in-store operations affected by the cyber attack?
    In-store operations continue, but customers may experience some service delays due to the compromised IT systems.
  • FAQ 3: Can I still order products online from Ace Hardware?
    Currently, Ace Hardware’s online ordering system is down due to the cyber attack, and they are unable to process orders.
  • FAQ 4: Have any customer data been compromised in the Ace Hardware cyber attack?
    As of the latest reports, Ace Hardware has not confirmed if any customer data was compromised during the cyber attack.
  • FAQ 5: What is Ace Hardware doing in response to the cyber attack?
    Ace Hardware is working with forensic experts to resolve the issue and restore operations as quickly and securely as possible.

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