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Missouri Teacher Megan Gaither Suspended Who is Megan Gaither? What did Megan Gaither do?

In the small town of St. Clair, Missouri, the challenges of educator pay have come into sharp focus. With starting salaries for teachers among the lowest in the nation, two educators from St. Clair High School have turned to unconventional methods to supplement their incomes. The recent suspension of Megan Gaither, a 31-year-old English teacher and cheerleading coach, alongside her colleague Brianna Coppage, sheds light on a growing tension between professional expectations and personal financial needs.

What Led to the Teachers’ Suspensions?

Megan Gaither, an established educator with four years at St. Clair High School and dual master’s degrees, faced suspension after it was revealed she operated an OnlyFans account to supplement her $47,500 salary. Similarly, Brianna Coppage, another teacher at the school, had previously been exposed for running an account on the same platform. The discovery of their activities outside the classroom led to both teachers being placed on leave, igniting a debate on privacy and financial necessity.

How Did Financial Pressures Influence Their Decisions?

The candid sharing by Gaither about her financial struggles is telling of the broader economic challenges faced by teachers. She remarked on the difficulty of stretching a teacher’s paycheck, particularly during the summer months. Her decision to start an OnlyFans account, which brought in an additional $5,000 a month, was a move to maintain financial stability during leaner times. Coppage, facing similar financial pressures, also cited the need to manage student loan repayments as a reason for her venture into online content creation.

What Are the Implications for Teacher Privacy?

The situation raises questions about the extent to which an individual’s private life can impact their professional career. Gaither’s efforts to maintain anonymity and separate her two worlds were undermined when a student discovered her secret, leading to widespread media attention. Both teachers emphasized that their online activities were entirely separate from their teaching duties, highlighting the complexity of maintaining privacy in the digital age.

How Are the Teachers Responding to the Situation?

In the wake of these events, Gaither has voiced her intention to “make noise” about the issue of unfair teacher pay. She has taken a proactive stance, reclaiming her narrative by speaking out publicly about her circumstances. The teachers’ shared experiences have led them to collaborate on content creation, potentially as a joint response to the financial pressures they face.

What Is the Broader Context for Teacher Salaries?

The National Education Association notes that Missouri’s starting salaries for teachers are among the lowest in the United States. This systemic issue of underpaying educators forces many to seek additional income sources. Gaither and Coppage’s stories are symptomatic of a wider economic dilemma, where the remuneration for educators does not align with the qualifications required and the importance of the profession.

What’s Next for the Teachers?

As the discussions around teacher salaries continue, educators like Gaither and Coppage are contemplating significant changes. Gaither is considering relocation and reactivating her online account, while Coppage has expressed no regrets in leaving teaching for a more lucrative career online. Their decisions highlight a potential shift in how teachers manage financial insecurities and the choices they make when traditional systems fail to support them.

In conclusion, the experiences of Megan Gaither and Brianna Coppage at St. Clair High School represent a microcosm of the financial struggles faced by teachers nationwide. Their stories underscore the need for a reevaluation of educator compensation and a reassessment of the boundaries between personal and professional lives in the digital era. As the narrative unfolds, it will likely catalyze further dialogue on the value of educators and the sustainability of the teaching profession in its current economic structure.


  1. Why was Megan Gaither suspended from St. Clair High School?
    • Megan Gaither was suspended after being outed for running a secret OnlyFans account, supplementing her teacher’s salary.
  2. How did students discover Megan Gaither’s OnlyFans account?
    • A student found out about Gaither’s account and left a note revealing they knew her secret, leading to her suspension.
  3. What was Megan Gaither’s reaction to the suspension from her teaching job?
    • Gaither expressed dismay over her career being jeopardized due to her OnlyFans activity, which she started for extra income.
  4. Is Megan Gaither planning to leave St. Clair after her suspension?
    • Yes, Gaither is considering relocating and potentially restarting her OnlyFans account to support herself financially.
  5. What stance is Megan Gaither taking regarding teachers’ salaries and side jobs?
    • Gaither advocates for awareness about inadequate teacher pay and supports the choice of educators to have side hustles.

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