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2024 Toyota Tacoma X Runner Concept Unveiled Reviving the Legend

The automotive world stood still as Toyota unveiled a street-smart, performance-driven concept at the 2023 SEMA show in Las Vegas—the 2024 Tacoma X-Runner. A blend of nostalgia and modern engineering, this concept truck resuscitates the X-Runner name with a new twist, promising a thrilling blend of power and style. Let’s explore what makes the 2024 Tacoma X-Runner concept a headline-grabber.

What’s New with the Tacoma X-Runner Concept?

Toyota is not known to rest on its laurels, and the Tacoma X-Runner is a testament to its innovative spirit. This mid-size pickup truck is a departure from the brand’s traditional off-road focus, delivering a concept that is decisively street-oriented. With a lower suspension and a power boost, the X-Runner concept is a nod to the performance enthusiast who also values the utility of a pickup.

How Powerful is the X-Runner’s Engine?

At the core of the X-Runner concept lies its powerful twin turbocharged 3.4-liter V-6 engine taken directly from Toyota Tundra. It generates 421 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque – an engine worthy of any competition! To put this into perspective, it significantly overpowers the 2024 Tacoma’s top-tier 326-hp four-cylinder hybrid. This engine not only gives the truck a robust foundation but also promises an exhilarating ride.

What Drivetrain Innovations Are Featured?

The X-Runner doesn’t stop at engine enhancements. It sports a solid axle from the Tundra, equipped with a 4.30:1 final drive and an electronic locking differential. This advanced setup ensures that the increased torque efficiently translates to the rear wheels, enhancing the truck’s performance dynamics on the pavement.

Has the Suspension Been Upgraded?

Indeed, Toyota engineers have implemented the air suspension system from the Tundra. This feature allows the Tacoma to maintain a lower ride height without compromising its load-carrying capability. Additionally, the suspension upgrades include stiffened springs and 2.5-inch Bilstein shocks for a ride that’s both sporty and refined.

Are There Any Bodywork Changes?

Yes, the Tacoma X-Runner showcases an amped-up bodywork, with attention to detail that speaks volumes of its performance pedigree. The exhaust has been rerouted to exit just below the rocker panel, adding to the truck’s aggressive stance. Toyota also went the extra mile by customizing the control arms, strengthening the frame, and widening the track by three inches to accommodate the truck’s lowered stance and power.

What About the Wheels and Tires?

No performance vehicle is complete without the right set of wheels and tires. The X-Runner rides on striking 21-inch carbon-fiber wheels from Lacks Enterprises, featuring forged aluminum centers. These are wrapped in Michelin 285/45R21 Sport Tires that promise not only superior grip but also contribute to the truck’s sporty aesthetics.

Is the X-Runner Concept a Tribute to Its Predecessor?

The concept truck is finished in Speedway Blue, an homage to the original Tacoma X-Runner that debuted in 2004. This color choice is more than a nod to the past; it’s a statement that Toyota respects its heritage while pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Will the X-Runner Hit Production Lines?

While Toyota has not confirmed a production version of this performance package, the concept’s reception at SEMA hints at the market’s readiness for such a vehicle. Enthusiasts and critics alike are eagerly anticipating the possibility of the X-Runner transforming from concept to reality.


The 2024 Tacoma X-Runner concept is Toyota’s bold statement in the performance truck segment, offering a perfect blend of street-readiness and pickup utility. Off-road champion Ford made a bold move that could revolutionize our perceptions of mid-size trucks. While its implementation remains to be seen, this concept offers an intriguing glimpse of the future of pickups.


  1. What is the 2024 Toyota Tacoma X-Runner?
    • A concept performance truck by Toyota with a lowered suspension and a twin-turbo V-6 engine, showcased at SEMA 2023.
  2. How much power does the Tacoma X-Runner’s engine produce?
    • The X-Runner’s 3.4-liter V-6 engine delivers 421 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque.
  3. Does the 2024 X-Runner have a unique suspension system?
    • Yes, it features Tundra’s air suspension for a lower ride height and load-bearing capabilities.
  4. What are the special features of the Tacoma X-Runner’s wheels?
    • It sports 21-inch carbon-fiber wheels with forged aluminum centers and Michelin sport tires.
  5. Will the Tacoma X-Runner concept go into production?
    • Toyota hasn’t confirmed production but the positive response at SEMA may hint at future plans.

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