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Ray Davis Net Worth Age, Bio, Wiki, Family, Wife, Business & More!

Who is Ray Davis?

Ray C. Davis, an octogenarian hailing from Dallas, Texas has established himself as an icon within the energy and sports sectors over four decades of work experience. Reigning supreme in energy distribution before making the jump into sports management as co-chairman of Texas Rangers baseball franchise was no easy task for this remarkable leader.

The Formative Years: How Did Ray Davis Start?

Born on a crisp autumn day on October 15, 1941, Ray Davis embarked on his life’s journey in Dallas. His path is marked by a deep-seated appreciation for privacy, a trait that belies the magnitude of his professional endeavors. Davis’ eclectic interests were sown early, ranging from animal husbandry to avid bird hunting, reflecting a rich tapestry of experiences that may have taken root in his youth.

Education played a pivotal role in shaping Davis’ future. He ventured through the halls of multiple high schools, showcasing his versatility as an athlete by participating in four sports. This early display of determination and adaptability paved the way for his academic pursuits at Letourneau College, where he earned a scholarship thanks to his athletic prowess. It was there, at Letourneau University’s School of Business, that he honed his acumen, culminating in a Master of Business Administration degree.

Charting the Course: Ray Davis’ Business and Energy Career

Davis embarked on his professional journey in the energy sector, dedicating four decades to building and leading companies. Under his stewardship as CEO of Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) and Energy Transfer Equity (ETE), both experienced unprecedented growth. Davis later transitioned his focus towards Avatar Investments LP – an investment firm located in Dallas – after retiring.

Davis’ ascent in the business world did not go unnoticed. He debuted on the Forbes 400 list in 2008, a testament to his financial acumen and strategic investments, with his net worth reaching a remarkable $1.9 billion by 2013.

A New Inning: The Texas Rangers and Beyond

The year 2010 marked a pivotal shift for Davis as he entered the baseball arena. He became a part of the consortium that acquired the Texas Rangers, a transaction that saw him and Bob R. Simpson take on the roles of co-presidents. While they maintained a low profile, advising from the sidelines, the operational reins were initially handed over to Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan.

Davis’ dedication to the Texas Rangers was further demonstrated when Major League Baseball appointed him control person for their team, entrusting him with communicating directly with Commissioner’s Office and overseeing daily operations of their roster – leading them to victory at World Series 2023 on November 1.

Who is Ray Davis Wife?

Despite his public persona, Davis has maintained a shield around his private life. Married to Linda Davis, the couple has eschewed the spotlight, preferring the quietude of North Texas. The Davis union is characterized by a strong bond and a shared journey away from the public’s gaze.

Ray Davis Net Worth

As of 2023, Ray Davis’ net worth has soared to an impressive 290 crore US dollars, a reflection of his astute business decisions, long-term investments, and his leadership in both the energy sector and sports management.

In conclusion, Ray Davis’ life and career are a testament to the impact one individual can have across diverse fields. From the energy corridors to the baseball diamond, his journey reflects a blend of discretion and determination, leaving an indelible mark on the industries he has touched.


  1. What is Ray Davis known for?
    • Ray Davis is renowned as co-owner of the Texas Rangers and former co-CEO of Energy Transfer Partners.
  2. How old is Ray Davis of the Texas Rangers?
    • Ray Davis is 82 years old, having been born on October 15, 1941.
  3. What is Ray Davis’s net worth in 2023?
    • In 2023, Ray Davis’s net worth is estimated to be $290 crore USD.
  4. Did Ray Davis have a role in building the Dakota Access Pipeline?
    • Yes, his company, Energy Transfer, completed the Dakota Access Pipeline in 2017.
  5. Has Ray Davis won any championships with the Texas Rangers?
    • Yes, the Rangers won their first World Series under his ownership in 2023.

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