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Smokey Robinson Net Worth How Much Money Did Burt Young Worth At 2023?

The music world has been graced with numerous legends, but few have remained as timelessly influential as Smokey Robinson. Smokey Robinson continues to delight fans both old and new alike with a career that shows no sign of slowing. According to Celebrity Net Worth’s most up-to-date figures, his net worth currently stands at an astounding $150 Million – testament to both his legacy and musical acumen.

How Did Smokey Robinson Build His Fortune?

Embarking on his musical odyssey, William Robinson Jr., known universally as Smokey, began his ascendancy to stardom with the formation of The Miracles. The signing with Berry Gordy’s Motown label in the 1960s marked the genesis of an era of hits, with “Shop Around” crowning the R&B charts and catapulting the band, and Smokey, into the limelight. His multifaceted role as a songwriter and producer for other Motown artists like Marvin Gaye and Mary Wells further cemented his place in music history, contributing significantly to his wealth.

When Did Smokey Robinson Embark on a Solo Career?

Transitioning to a solo career in 1972, Robinson continued his hit parade, enchanting listeners with tunes like “Cruisin'” and “Just to See Her.” Beyond his artistic contributions, Smokey’s executive role as vice president of Motown before its sale to MCA in 1988 underscored his business acumen, inevitably enhancing his financial portfolio. His collaborative bond with Berry Gordy transcended business, fostering a friendship that Gordy cherishes, dubbing Smokey the “Soul of Motown.”

What Fuels Smokey Robinson’s Continued Musical Innovation?

At 83, an age where many would consider retirement, Smokey Robinson released “Gasms,” an album that vibrates with his signature passion for music. In an industry that constantly evolves, Robinson’s adaptability and drive to create are as robust as ever. His innovative approach to songwriting—using voicemail to capture fleeting moments of inspiration—is a modern-day adaptation ensuring that his creative spark continues to burn bright. In his recent conversations, Robinson alludes to even more musical projects on the horizon, signaling that his journey is far from over.

Smokey Robinson’s resilience in the music industry is emblematic of a passion that refuses to wane. With a net worth that mirrors his extensive contribution to music, his story is not just one of financial success but of an undying zeal for his craft. The legend of Smokey Robinson continues to grow, reminding us that some melodies, like the artists who create them, are truly timeless.


  • Is Smokey Robinson still active in his music career?
    Yes, Smokey Robinson is actively creating music, with his latest album “Gasms” released in April 2023.
  • What is Smokey Robinson’s net worth as of the latest reports?
    Smokey Robinson’s net worth is estimated at $150 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.
  • Has Smokey Robinson been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
    Smokey Robinson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.
  • Did Smokey Robinson have any executive roles at Motown Records?
    Smokey served as vice president of Motown before its sale to MCA in 1988.
  • What was Smokey Robinson’s first big hit with The Miracles?
    “The Miracles’ first major hit with Smokey was “Shop Around” in 1960, reaching number one on the R&B charts.

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