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Nong Suon Obituary, What happened to Nong Suon?

The community of Cranston, Rhode Island, has been left with a void after the unexpected demise of Nong Suon on March 12. At just 43 years old, his departure was as sudden as it was sorrowful. Nong was not just known as Emily Brown Suon’s devoted husband; he was a friend, an inspiration, and a man who touched the lives of many with his warmth and aspiration.

What Are the Roots of Nong Suon’s Early Life?

Nong’s story is one of triumph over adversity, beginning in the most humble of circumstances. Nong was born in a Thai refugee camp on May 25th 1978 and moved with his father Samic Suon three months later to America – marking an eventful life journey filled with resilience and unyielding determination.

How Did Nong Suon Pursue His Educational Ambitions?

Education was a cornerstone in Nong’s life. He earned his GED to ensure a brighter future and continued expanding his horizons at Community College of Rhode Island, manifesting an appetite for knowledge and self-improvement that manifested into academic success.

What Academic Achievements Did Nong Suon Attain?

Nong’s quest for education culminated in his crowning academic achievement: a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, which he received from Rhode Island College in 2013. His approach to his studies was marked by a deep and sincere interest in the workings of the natural world, and his success in academia spoke volumes of his intellect and hard work.

In What Ways Did Nong Suon Contribute to His Community?

Nong’s contribution to his community was multi-faceted. As a circulation clerk at the Providence Public Library, he was at the heart of the community’s quest for knowledge, fostering an environment of learning and curiosity. His role at the RISD Museum as a security guard showcased his appreciation for culture and the arts, an extension of his multi-dimensional personality.

What Can We Learn From Nong Suon’s Career Development?

Nong’s journey was not just confined to the academic realm. He embodied the true spirit of a lifelong learner, venturing into the field of technology through the CareerDevs program. His decision to learn coding was not a detour but an extension of his commitment to learning and personal development, displaying adaptability and an ever-evolving skill set.

How Will Nong Suon Be Remembered?

Nong will be eternally remembered as a beacon of ambition and love. His legacy extends far beyond memories, to include lasting impactful actions he carried out for others and love shared among family and friends.

Nong Suon’s life was a tapestry of dedication and perseverance, woven with the threads of learning, culture, and personal growth. His unexpected passing leaves behind a narrative that will continue to inspire and a space that will never quite be filled. Nong’s life story is a poignant reminder of the enduring human spirit and the impact one individual can make on a community.


  • Who was Nong Suon?
  • Nong was a beloved Cranston resident and husband to Emily Brown Suon.
  • When did Nong Suon pass away?
  • He passed unexpectedly on March 12.
  • What was Nong Suon’s background?
  • Born in a Thai refugee camp, he resettled in the U.S. at three months old.
  • What did Nong Suon achieve academically?
  • He earned a Bachelor’s in Biology from Rhode Island College.
  • How did Nong contribute to his community?
  • Nong worked at Providence Public Library and RISD Museum.

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