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Elizabeth Curtner Obituary: Who is Elizabeth Anne Curtner? What happened to Elizabeth Curtner?

Elizabeth Anne Curtner was a figure of warmth and affection in her community, a mother whose life revolved around her three daughters: Elianna, aged 6, Annalise, aged 4, and Isabelle, just 7 months old. Elizabeth’s role as a devoted parent was central to her identity, complemented by her connections with her family. She was the cherished daughter of Cathleen Koss and Chris Curtner, and her stepmother Lisa Curtner. Her bond with her siblings, Robin and Tracey, was evident in the close-knit fabric of their shared lives.

What Has Been the Family’s Foundation Through the Years?

Curtner family relationships were deeply based in love and togetherness, evidenced by Elizabeth’s strong bonds to both her parents, siblings and extended family; Elizabeth found strength from them all, including loving aunts, uncles and cousins who played such an essential part of her life. Even through the loss of Elizabeth’s son, Anthony Francis Curtner, and her grandparents, the family’s strength was showcased in their unity and the legacies left behind.

How Is Elizabeth’s Life Being Celebrated?

In an affirmation of her love for life and her preference for joy over sorrow, Elizabeth requested that her life be celebrated rather than mourned. The call for bright and cheerful colors at her celebration, especially yellow, Elizabeth’s favorite, symbolizes her optimistic spirit and enduring positivity. The visitation and funeral services are outlined with clarity, indicating a planned farewell that honors her wishes in a very personal and heartfelt manner.

What Is Unique About the Funeral Arrangements?

The funeral arrangements for Elizabeth Curtner have been tailored to reflect her personality and her love for vibrant colors. The specific instructions for the visitation and funeral service, including the location and timings at Lawn Funeral Home and St. Mary Church, reflect a well-organized tribute to her life. The interment at Good Shepherd Cemetery provides a place for loved ones to visit and remember Elizabeth.

How Can People Contribute to Elizabeth’s Legacy?

Elizabeth, thoughtful until the end, established a trust fund to secure the future of her daughters. This gesture highlights her dedication to their well-being and her foresightedness. Contributions to the Elizabeth Curtner Trust Fund can be made through a dedicated website, Elizabethsgirls.com, which is a testament to her commitment to her children’s futures.


  • Who is Elizabeth Anne Curtner?
  • Elizabeth was a devoted mother and cherished family member, remembered for her love and joyful spirit.
  • When are Elizabeth Curtner’s visitation and funeral services?
  • Visitation is on Wednesday from 3-8 P.M., and the funeral is Thursday at 9:15 A.M.
  • Where is Elizabeth Curtner’s funeral being held?
  • The service is at Lawn Funeral Home, Tinley Park IL, proceeding to St. Mary Church.
  • How can one contribute to Elizabeth Curtner’s children’s future?
  • Donations can be made to the trust fund at Elizabethsgirls.com.
  • What was Elizabeth’s wish for her life celebration?
  • Elizabeth desired her life to be celebrated with bright colors, especially yellow.

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