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James Duckett Obituary: Where Did James Evrin Duckett Pass Away?

James Evrin Duckett, a cherished family man and respected member of his community, was born on October 29, 1946, in Wilton, Arkansas. James Duckett Wright was raised by Roy Duckett (deceased) and Jessie Lee Wright in an environment filled with love, laughter and warmth. Tragically, on October 24th 2019 just shy of turning 73 he passed away leaving behind a lasting legacy through family members as well as memories shared among all who knew him.

What Was the Early Life of James Like?

Growing up in Wilton, James was fortunate enough to experience his family being there as support systems and life lessons were passed from sibling to sibling; teaching hard work ethic, respect for elders and the importance of family ties were core tenets that James learned first-hand during childhood. The Duckett household was one of warmth, with the matriarch and patriarch instilling life lessons that James carried throughout his life.

How Did James Impact His Community?

James’s influence on his community was as profound as it was subtle. Through his actions, he demonstrated the kind of quiet strength and reliability that made him a pillar in his local area. Whether it was through his career, volunteer work, or simply by being a friendly face to neighbors, James’s presence was a steady and comforting one in Texarkana.

Who Survives James Duckett?

James’s legacy is carried on by a loving and extensive family. His life is celebrated by his four daughters, Comtemma Duckett of Windbridge, VA; Marsha Duckett of Fairfield, AB; Joycelyn Duckett, and Felicia Duckett of Texarkana, TX. He also leaves behind four brothers, Willie Duckett of Fayetteville, NC; Augustas Carolener of Texarkana, AR; Roy and his wife Patricia Duckett of Sacramento, CA; and Benny Duckett of Walnut Creek, CA. His sisters, Wanda Cheshier of Ft. Washington, MD, and Flora Duckett of Wharton, NJ, also survive him. Six grandchildren, who will no doubt carry forward his stories and lessons, also cherish his memory, along with a host of other relatives and friends who felt his warmth and generosity.

What Will James Duckett Be Remembered For?

James will always be remembered fondly as someone who put family first. The intimate interactions he shared with his daughters, siblings and grandchildren showed just how deeply he valued family relationships and traditions that had such great importance to him. Today his legacy lives on through their children who carry forward these cherished traditions he so admired. In addition to his role as a family man, James’s community will remember him for his genial nature and the support he readily extended to his neighbors.

How Can We Honor James Duckett’s Memory?

Honoring James Duckett’s memory can be done in countless personal ways. Those who knew him can continue to live by the values he espoused, spreading kindness and support within their communities. Family gatherings, storytelling, and simply embodying the qualities he represented are all tributes to his enduring influence. The James Evrin Duckett legacy is one of familial love and community service—a testament to a life well-lived.

FAQs about James Evrin Duckett

  1. When was James Evrin Duckett born?
    • October 29, 1946.
  2. Where did James Evrin Duckett pass away?
    • In Texarkana, AR, on October 24, 2019.
  3. How many children did James Duckett have?
    • He had four daughters.
  4. Who preceded James Duckett in death?
    • His brother-in-law, Walter Cheshier.
  5. How can one honor James Duckett’s memory?
    • By upholding family values and community service.

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