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Artificial Intelligence Takes Over Music: Drake And The Weeknd’s Selena Gomez Anthem Goes Viral

An AI-generated song featuring Drake and The Weeknd has been circulating on various social media platforms, gaining popularity among their fans. However, it should be noted that neither of the two Canadian artists was involved in creating the fake track.

The song “Heart On My Sleeve” has gained significant attention on TikTok and Twitter, with numerous users sharing and promoting it.

Selena Gomez-Themed Drake And Weeknd Song Generated By Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to AI technology, Drake and The Weeknd are currently making headlines for a song they didn’t make. The track features an AI-generated clone of Drake’s voice and Abel Makkonen Tesfaye’s (The Weeknd) vocals. It is unknown who published the now-viral song, though a TikTok user known as “Ghostwriter” shared it. Many have been left speculating about the person behind the song’s creation.


The song is about the well-known actress and singer Selena Gomez, who had previously been in a relationship with The Weeknd. The lyrics reference her, with the fake Drake rapping, “I came in with my ex like Selena to flex.” The verse then mentions Justin Bieber, Gomez’s ex-boyfriend, with the clone of Drake saying, “Bumpin’ Justin Bieber, the fever ain’t left me.”

Meanwhile, the fake AI-generated clone of The Weeknd also sings about Gomez, with the lyrics, “Got these pearls on my neck, got these girls on my cheek like Selena baby.” Even though neither Drake nor The Weeknd was involved in creating the song, it has gained significant attention on social media platforms, with many fans sharing and enjoying the track.

What’s The Story Behind The AI-Generated Track?

The AI-generated collaboration between Drake and The Weeknd has been making waves online, with many fans mistaking it for the real deal. However, there may be more to the story than meets the eye. Some social media users, including Mitchell Cohen of AppSumo, have speculated that the song is a clever marketing ploy.

Cohen believes a tech startup, Laylo, may be behind creating the AI-generated track. He notes that the TikTok profile of the user who first shared the song, “ghostwriter977,” includes a link to a website owned by the said SaaS startup. This has led many to speculate that the music may be a way to promote the startup rather than a legitimate collaboration between the two musicians.

If true, this would mean that the AI-generated song featuring Drake and The Weeknd is simply a marketing tactic. Nonetheless, some have praised the strategy as a “genius” move, as it has certainly captured the attention of fans and the media alike.

Artificial Intelligence And The Music Industry

The transformative impact of AI technology is making its presence felt in the music industry, where it is revolutionizing the process of creating music, making it faster and more efficient. In addition, by harnessing data analysis and trend prediction, AI enables artists to tailor bespoke soundtracks for movies, TV shows, and commercials, expanding the scope of creative possibilities.

Moreover, AI is helping musicians to explore novel sounds and styles, granting access to a trove of untapped resources. This advanced technology can improve the quality of recordings, mix and master tracks, and refine vocal performances. The result is a profound transformation of the music industry, with AI enabling artists to create music in innovative and exciting ways previously thought impossible.

The convergence of Drake and The Weeknd has thrust the subject of artificial intelligence (AI) in music into the limelight. AI is revolutionizing how we craft and experience music, and it is critical to comprehend its influence. As AI progresses, we can expect further transformations in the music sector. We are responsible for welcoming these shifts and employing them to conceive pioneering and unconventional music. Kindly express your views on the utilization of AI in music in the comment segment beneath.

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