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Cody Sargent Obituary: How Old Was Cody Sargent When He Died?

Cody Sargent was a name synonymous with warmth, care, and community spirit in Johnstown, Colorado. His life was a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of familial love, community service, and professional dedication. A husband to Frances and father to Sarah and James, Cody exemplified the values of family and community, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those he touched.

What Did Cody Sargent Mean to Johnstown?

Johnstown knew Cody as a beacon of benevolence and a figure of unwavering support. His community work, often quiet but always impactful, showcased his belief in service above self. His absence has created a palpable void—a testament to the significant role he played in enriching the lives around him.

How Did Cody Sargent Contribute to His Community?

Cody’s commitment to his town went beyond words. His actions spoke volumes as he dedicated time and effort to local charities and initiatives. He wasn’t just present; he actively contributed and sought to uphold and empower. His legacy lies not solely with what he accomplished but how his life inspired others to follow in his footsteps.

What Mark Did Cody Sargent Leave on the Tech Industry?

Professionally, Cody was a respected figure in the tech realm, known for his acumen as an IT Technician at WebTechPro and his entrepreneurial venture, Beard Culture. His contributions to Research and Development, alongside his insights in Transportation and Logistics, set a benchmark for innovation and excellence.

How Will Cody Sargent Be Remembered?

Beyond the professional successes and community accolades, Cody will be remembered for his resilience—a quality that he embodied throughout his life. While the cause of his death may be unknown, the strength with which he lived his life remains a guiding light for many.

FAQs About Cody Sargent

  • Who was Cody Sargent?
  • Cody Sargent was a cherished member of the Johnstown, Colorado community, known for his commitment to family and public service.
  • Is Cody Sargent’s cause of death known?
  • No, the specific cause of Cody Sargent’s death has not been disclosed.
  • What was Cody Sargent’s profession?
  • Cody worked in IT and was also an entrepreneur, known for his business, Beard Culture.
  • How did Cody Sargent impact his community?
  • Cody was deeply involved in local charities and community service, greatly impacting those around him.
  • Will Cody Sargent be remembered in Johnstown?
  • Yes, Cody’s legacy of kindness and community involvement will long be remembered in Johnstown.

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