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How to Create Spotify Pie Chart? Viral Trend Reveals Your Favorite Genres and Artists

One thing that Spotify users love apart from listening to their favorite tracks on the platform is analyzing their listening trends. After Spotify wrapped, which showcases the most played songs and artists of the year, users have found a new way to find out more about their music taste.

Spotify Pie Chart is a new viral trend that represents your music taste in the form of a graphic chart since charts look more attractive than plain numbers right? Read on to find out how you can get your own Spotify Pie Chart.

What is Spotify Pie Chart?

Spotify Pie analyzes a user’s listening history and displays a chart of their most-listened-to genres. The feature currently operates on monthly history and utilizes Spotify’s elaborate genre categories to generate a colorful graphic output, showcasing your most-played genres of the last month.

The results are displayed in the form of an image, which also features a list of your top artists of the month below the pie chart. So now you do not have to wait for the end of the year to find out your most played artists and can do so on a monthly basis. The platform was created by UCLA student Darren Huang. 

The pie chart only considers a song in your streaming history if it was played for at least 30 seconds. The chart comprises a variety of genres, including ‘deep underground hip hop’, ‘Japanese Classical’, ‘Canadian metalcore’ and ‘indietronica’ among others. “Bake your monthly genre pie,” reads the tagline of the platform.

How to Create Spotify Pie Chart?

Follow the below easy steps to create your own Spotify Pie chart:

  1. Open the website for Spotify Pie.
  2. Select ‘Login to Spotify’.
  3. The website will now ask for your permission to share your Spotify data. If you are fine with sharing, select Agree.
  4. Once you have logged in, your Spotify Pie chart will be displayed automatically.
  5. The chart will feature a combination of different colors. Beneath the chart, the color coding will be shown, stating which color represents which genre.

You can tap over a particular color in the pie chart or place the mouse cursor on it to see which artist fits into the category. You will also find a list of your favorite artists for the month, arranged in descending order of time spent listening to each. The chart can be downloaded in an image form and shared on social media. The pie chart feature is currently only limited to Spotify and does not work for Apple Music.

Social Media Flooded with Spotify Pie Charts

The feature is now trending on social media, and a number of users have shared their Spotify Pie Charts with their friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. “i did the silly little spotify pie chart and it unfortunately did a good job of illustrating the absolute chaos of my listening habits,” joked a listener.

Another tweeted, “can someone make something like the spotify pie chart but for apple music users i feel so left out.” A user also wrote, “honestly? i’m bout to keep my spotify pie chart to myself before i expose myself for the basic b**ch i am.”

So go ahead and check out your Spotify Pie chart. And tell us in the comments how did you like it.

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