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Ernie Lamont Obituary Who Was Ernie Lamont? How Did Ernie Lamont Pass Away?

Windsor, Ontario is grieving the loss of one of its most revered citizens: Ernie Lamont. His passing has left an indelible imprint on his community he so fiercely served and loved, so this article seeks to honor his memory by reflecting upon his life, contributions made and legacy left behind.

Windsor, Ontario has been devastated by Ernie Lamont’s passing; his life exemplifying service, love, and devotion. Looking further back through his history we find an abundant amount of volunteerism within his community, undying affection for his family members, as well as an affinity for both its history and natural splendor.

Who Was Ernie Lamont?

Ernie Lamont was not just a resident of Windsor but its fervent advocate and active participant. Born on March 12, 1940, Ernie’s life was as vibrant and dynamic as the city he called home. His 58 years of marriage to Mary was a beacon of true partnership, inspiring those around him. A family man at heart, Ernie’s commitment to his loved ones was paralleled only by his dedication to his community.

What Happened to Ernie Lamont?

Ernie’s departure has come as a shock to all. While details surrounding his passing remain private, his absence in the community speaks volumes of who he was as an individual and community contributor. Known for his tireless presence and participation, those who knew Ernie are mourning his departure immediately.

Cause of Death: How Did He Die?

The Lamont family and the Windsor community have kept details of Ernie’s cause of death private, focusing instead on celebrating his life and mourning their loss in community and solidarity.

The Legacy of Ernie Lamont

Ernie’s legacy is multi-faceted, reflecting his diverse interests and unwavering commitment. As a historian, he was a guardian of Windsor’s past, and as a nature enthusiast, a steward of its beauty. His work with local organizations like the Windsor Rotary Club and the Windsor Historical Society are but a few threads in the rich tapestry of his community involvement.

A Pillar of the Community

Beyond his personal interests, Ernie was a true pillar of Windsor. His actions—whether organizing community events, volunteering, or simply being a friendly face to neighbors—embodied the spirit of community. Ernie was someone who acted upon his convictions, tirelessly working to better his surroundings for all.

Ernie Lamont set an exemplary example in life and community service. He made an impactful mark in Windsor that will remain for years to come, leaving behind a lasting impactful legacy that will only grow stronger over time. Windsor says goodbye to one of its dearest citizens while at the same time saying thank you–to Ernie Lamont and all that he gave back over time.


  1. Who was Ernie Lamont?
    • Ernie Lamont was a beloved Windsor community member, historian, outdoors enthusiast, and dedicated family man.
  2. How did Ernie Lamont pass away?
    • The specific details of Ernie Lamont’s cause of death have not been made public.
  3. What is Ernie Lamont’s legacy?
    • Ernie Lamont leaves a legacy of community service, historical preservation, and the promotion of local natural beauty.
  4. Was Ernie Lamont involved in any community organizations?
    • Yes, Ernie was an active member of the Windsor Rotary Club and the Windsor Historical Society.
  5. Will there be a public service for Ernie Lamont?
    • Information about a public service for Ernie Lamont has not been provided at this time.

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