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Donald Mesman Jr Obituary Who Was Donald Mesman Jr? How Did Donald Mesman Jr Died?

On May 22nd 2023, we said farewell to a beloved figure known as Robert “Bob” Mesman Jr. His passing left an enormous void in their hearts as it marked an end of a remarkable life filled with love, compassion, and dedication towards making this world better. This article seeks to honor this remarkable life by recounting its details, circumstances surrounding its passing, and legacy he leaves behind.

Who Was Bob Mesman?

Robert “Bob” Mesman Jr. had an impactful 77 year existence that touched many lives across this globe. Born at an undetermined date and time in history, Bob remains unknown in many regards; yet his legacy lives on through love shared and positive influence made on many individuals’ lives.

A Life of Love and Generosity:

Bob Cruz was known as Marie’s beloved husband of 45 years. Their love story stands as testament to its strength. Although not without hardships – in 2013 Amanda and Rob passed away as well as Bob himself passing away – their bond remained undiminished throughout this difficult journey. Regardless, their bond remained undiminished and unwavering despite these heart-wrenching trials; nevertheless it will forever remain strong.

Bob Mesman was beloved to all he encountered. His warm heart and pleasant disposition won over many who encountered him, while his passion for human connection made him a pleasure to spend time with. Additionally, his lively personality and flair for entertaining made him an instant hit at any social gathering.

Cause of Death and Passing:

On May 6th 2023, Bob Mesman died in Ottawa Civic Hospital under mysterious circumstances that remain unclear. While details regarding his passing remain unexplored, we will always remember his warmth and generosity as someone we shared our lives with.


Bob Mesman leaves an enduring legacy that transcends his time on Earth. As someone who believed strongly in giving back to both his community and those in need, his generosity knew no limits as he dedicated both time and funds to various charitable organizations – his philanthropy had an immeasurable positive effect on countless lives.

Bob’s passing has created an immense void in our lives and those fortunate enough to know him will grieve his absence deeply. His love and trust continue to inspire many across the globe and serve as a powerful reminder of its value and power.

A Fond Farewell:

On May 10, 2023 at 11:00 AM, according to Christian tradition, a funeral service was held at St. Francis de Sales Church in Smiths Falls at 17 Elmsley Street North as a mark of respect for those wishing to pay their last respects and send off this soul.

After the service, Hanley Hall hosted an open reception where friends and loved ones of Bob Mesman could gather to share memories and find comfort from each other’s presence.

Robert “Bob” Mesman, Jr. leaves behind an incredible legacy of love, generosity and deep connections to those whose lives he touched. Though his exact circumstances of passing are currently unknown, his memory will live on in those who knew and adored his warm spirit and kind heart. Bob serves as a reminder that kindness leaves an indelible mark in this world, and will long be fondly remembered by all.

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