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Meet Lexi Ashton: Everything About Margot Robbie’s Lookalike

A Margot Robbie lookalike has taken the world of social media by storm. The name of the popular Hollywood actress’ lookalike is none other than Lexi Ashton. She has already gained a huge fan following on the video-sharing platform TikTok for her impersonation of the Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey star. At the time of writing, she has 4.7 million views on the video that has gone viral.

In the TikTok video, Ashton who is a college student from the University of Tennessee can be seen all dolled up and mimicking one of the most iconic scenes of The Wolf of Wall Street actress Margot Robbie. Many fans even thought Lexi is Margot Robbie. So, who is Lexi Ashton? Continue reading further to dive deep into the personal and professional life of Margot Robbie’s lookalike Lexi Ashton.

Here’s all you need to know about Margot Robbie’s lookalike Lexi Ashton (including her age, profession, and more)

For those of you who are unversed, let us share with you, Lexi Ashton is a student enrolled at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. As of this moment, she is only 19 years old. According to a report by hitc.com, she is a part of the Zeta Tau Alpha at her university. As per its charter, Zeta Tau Alpha is a sorority that “intensifies friendship, fosters a spirit of love, and builds a purer and nobler womanhood.”

Many fans are keen to know whether Ashton is single or ready to mingle. We are sorry to break your hearts but Lexi is off the dating market for now. She has a boyfriend whose name is Cole Blohm. Cole is also a student at the University of Tennessee.

Lexi is a famous content creator. Up until now, she has more than 30k followers on the social networking platform Instagram. On the other hand, she has somewhat around 140k followers on TikTok. Her content comprises beauty-related videos and lip-syncing videos.

Does Lexi Ashton have a striking resemblance to the Hollywood star Margot Robbie?

Many netizens believe that Lexi Ashton and Margot Robbie have a striking resemblance. Lexi is enjoying her newfound fame and she continues to put out content about Margot Robbie, who is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses.

In the latest viral video of Lexi, she can be spotted impersonating Margot Robbie’s character Naomi Lapaglia from Martin Scorsese‘s smashing hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street. The clip showed her wearing a blue low-cut dress with a 100-dollar bill sticking out. She lip-syncs the scene where Naomi sets boundaries for Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jordan Belfort after he shouted at her in the previous scene.

In the TikTok video, Ashton mouths one of Naomi’s most iconic lines from the movie. She says, “No, Daddy doesn’t even get to touch Mommy for a very, very, very long time.” The video was uploaded by Lexi in October however it has gone viral recently. Since then, the viewers have been appreciating her for nailing the impression.

Lexi Ashton is active on Instagram

Unlike Margot Robbie, her lookalike Lexi Ashton is active on Instagram. Her Instagram username is @lexiaashtonn. At the moment, she has 31.8k followers on the social media platform Instagram. She has only 57 posts on her Instagram feed. Her feed features snaps of her with her boyfriend Cole, a series of photos of her with her close pals and family members, and a few photos of her from her trips all around the world.

Do you think Lexi Ashton and Margot Robbie have an uncanny resemblance? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below. Stay in touch with us for more updates from the world of Hollywood.

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