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Elizabeth Lynch Obituary Who Was Elizabeth Lynch? How Did Elizabeth Lynch Die?

In the quiet community of Knoxville, the passing of Elizabeth Evonne Brown Lynch at the age of 90 has left a noticeable void. A stalwart member of the Smithwood Baptist Church and a chronicler of Elk Valley’s history, her life was a tapestry of devotion, service, and storytelling.

Who Was Elizabeth Evonne Brown Lynch?

Elizabeth’s life journey began in Knoxville, and her roots went deep into the community she loved. Her affiliation with the Smithwood Baptist Church was not just a membership but a lifelong commitment that started in 1949. She served as the director of the Adult Department, sharing her wisdom with many and enriching lives through her leadership. Elizabeth was not just a guiding force but also lifted her voice in harmony with the choir, bringing joy and solace to those who heard her.

Her legacy lives on in her book, “A History of Elk Valley Tennessee,” where she delves deep into its past to bring to life its stories for future generations. This work serves as a testament to her dedication in safeguarding local heritage and sharing its rich tapestry of history.

What Happened to Elizabeth Evonne Brown Lynch?

Elizabeth’s final days were spent under the compassionate care of the staff at Tennova North Knox Medical Center. Though age brought its inevitable challenges, she remained strong-willed and bright as ever – an inspiration to both family members and community members she faithfully served. Her passing was deeply mourned not only by immediate family but by all who had been touched by her generous spirit throughout her nine decades of life.

Cause of Death: How Did Elizabeth Evonne Brown Lynch Die?

The specifics of Elizabeth’s passing were not publicly disclosed, maintaining the privacy and dignity of her and her family. What remains in focus is not how she died but how she lived—a life brimming with purpose, love, and community service. The details of her death are a private chapter in an otherwise open book of a life lived fully and selflessly.

Elizabeth’s story is not just about the years she spent among us but also about the immeasurable impact she had on those she interacted with. From her son Gary Lynch of Powder Springs to her daughter Missy and son-in-law Mark Lantz of Powell, her legacy is carried on. Her grandchildren and great-grandchildren bear her name and spirit into the future. Her affinity for the family extended to her feline companion, Tigger, who added comfort and companionship to her later years.

A Lasting Tribute

The community gathered to honor Elizabeth’s memory at Smithwood Baptist Church, where her life was celebrated and her journey solemnly concluded with a graveside service at Valley View Cemetery in Elk Valley. The presence of family, friends, and the comforting words of Pastor Jeff Lane marked the farewell to a woman whose life was a beacon of faith, history, and love.

As we reflect on the life of Elizabeth Evonne Brown Lynch, we find a narrative filled with dedication and the enduring power of community and faith. Her departure has left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who knew her and on the pages of the Elk Valley history she so lovingly preserved. Her story, though concluded in the earthly realm, continues to inspire and guide us through the memories she has left behind and the historical record she created.


  1. Who was Elizabeth Evonne Brown Lynch?
    • Elizabeth Lynch was a devoted church member, author, and a respected elder in the Knoxville community.
  2. How did Elizabeth Evonne Brown Lynch pass away?
    • Details of her passing are private, but she died peacefully at Tennova North Knox Medical Center.
  3. What was Elizabeth Lynch’s contribution to Elk Valley?
    • She authored “A History of Elk Valley Tennessee,” documenting the area’s rich heritage.
  4. When and where was Elizabeth Lynch’s funeral service held?
    • Her funeral was on a Thursday at Smithwood Baptist Church, with a graveside service in Elk Valley the following day.
  5. Is there a way to honor Elizabeth Lynch’s memory?
    • Donations to Smithwood Baptist Church or contributions to Elk Valley historical preservation are welcome.

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