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Lisa Wagner Obituary What Was The Cause Of Lisa Wagner Death?

Spirit Lake, Iowa recently experienced the passing of one of its lifelong residents: Lisa Wagner (nee Fischer). On June 30, 2023 at 51 years old, Lisa’s journey sadly came to an end as loved ones embraced her warmly as her life ended here on earth. This tribute intends to pay our respects to Lisa’s memory by remembering her vibrant life, her circumstances of departure and leaving an indelible mark upon those she touched along her way.

Who Was Lisa Wagner:

Born on November 17, 1971, in Lincoln, Nebraska, Lisa Wagner was the embodiment of Midwestern values and charm. Her parents, Dr. Frederic Richard Fischer and Mrs. Susan Marie (Skaar) Fischer, instilled in her a profound appreciation for the simple pleasures of life. Raised in Audubon, Iowa, Lisa’s childhood was filled with melodies from the piano she adored, the freedom of horseback riding, and a deep-rooted love for Iowa’s pastoral beauty.

What Happened to Lisa Wagner:

As a young adult, Lisa made the bold decision to leave Audubon, seeking new horizons yet remaining true to her Iowan roots. Lisa lived a fulfilling and meaningful life in Spirit Lake, becoming an essential member of her community. Lisa’s sudden departure has left an irreplaceable hole, deeply felt by all who knew and loved her.

Cause of Death and Circumstances:

The details surrounding Lisa’s passing were not made public, respecting the family’s privacy during their time of grief. What remains clear is the tranquility with which she left this world, a testament to the peace she cultivated in life. The community is preparing to bid farewell and celebrate her life, with visitation scheduled for noon on July 14, 2023, at McLaren’s Resthaven Chapel in West Des Moines, followed by a funeral service at 2:00 PM and a memorial ceremony at 1:00 PM.

Legacy and Memorial:

Lisa Wagner’s legacy is a tapestry of her love for music, nature, and her community. Her passion for the piano resonates as a symbol of her artistic spirit, while her connection with horses reflects her adventurous soul. The rural Iowa landscape, which she so adored, continues to mirror the tranquility and warmth she embodied. Her memory will be honored in the very soil of the land she loved, and in the hearts of those who loved her.

Lisa Wagner’s life story serves as an inspiring testament to living an inspiring and meaningful life and making an impactful mark on their community. As Spirit Lake gathers to remember her legacy of love, passion, and community service – her memory will live on for many years yet to come.


  1. What was the cause of Lisa Wagner’s death?
    • The cause of Lisa Wagner’s death has not been publicly disclosed to respect the family’s privacy.
  2. When will Lisa Wagner’s funeral service be held?
    • Lisa Wagner’s funeral service is scheduled for July 14, 2023, at 2:00 PM at McLaren’s Resthaven Chapel.
  3. How old was Lisa Wagner when she passed away?
    • Lisa Wagner was 51 years old at the time of her passing.
  4. Where did Lisa Wagner spend most of her life?
    • Lisa Wagner spent her life in Spirit Lake, Iowa, after growing up in Audubon, Iowa.
  5. Will there be a public visitation for Lisa Wagner?
    • Yes, public visitation will begin at noon on July 14, 2023, at McLaren’s Resthaven Chapel, West Des Moines.

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