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What You Need To Know About Stevens Johnson Syndrome Litigation

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS), is an extremely rare yet potentially lethal skin and mucous membrane condition affecting skin, mucous membranes and their adjacent structures. SJS causes painful rashes and blisters before eventually leading to skin detachment from its bottom layer – eventually the top layer falls away altogether! This leaves the body prone to severe fluid loss, infection, and even death in extreme cases. 

While the exact causes remain unknown, certain medications appear to trigger SJS more frequently. Individuals who develop SJS symptoms shortly after starting a new medication likely suffer an adverse reaction. This reaction suggests negligence on the part of the manufacturer. A qualified SJS lawyer can advise if grounds exist to file a lawsuit.

Proving Manufacturer Liability

Pharmaceutical companies bear responsibility for ensuring medicines released to market are safe when used as directed. If a drug elicits dangerous side effects at prescribed doses, the manufacturer may be liable for resulting harm to patients. 

To build a strong SJS case, counsel must prove the patient’s SJS resulted directly from taking the medication in question per the instructions. The timing of SJS onset after beginning a new drug provides critical evidence of causation. 

Counsel will also aim to demonstrate the drug maker did not provide adequate warnings about potential side effects. Without proper warnings, patients can’t give fully informed consent to treatment. Failure to disclose SJS risks suggests negligence and deception.

Compiling Medical Evidence

A seasoned SJS lawyer will gather extensive medical documentation showing the patient’s diagnosis, health status, and injuries resulting from SJS. Laboratory reports, hospitalization records, and written statements from doctors can substantiate the syndrome’s severity. 

Photographic evidence further illustrates the painful physical effects of SJS. Vivid images of widespread lesions make a compelling statement when presenting arguments to a judge or jury.

Counsel may consult independent medical experts to assess if SJS caused permanent disfigurement or disabilities. These professionals can calculate all current and future costs of medical treatments and lost income. Their testimonies quantify how devastating the effects of SJS can be.

Building a Convincing Narrative

Effective counsel doesn’t rely solely on scientific evidence but uses it to weave a convincing story. They will demonstrate how the defendant’s negligence irrevocably damaged an innocent patient’s health and lifestyle. 

Interviews with the patient and loved ones create a fuller picture of daily struggles now and going forward. These firsthand accounts foster greater empathy regarding the true costs of SJS beyond just medical expenses.

A compelling narrative connects the critical facts in easy-to-digest language. It shows precisely how the manufacturer’s misdeeds led to the victim’s preventable suffering. Such a thorough, compelling narrative sways juries to grant a favorable verdict.

Selecting a Trustworthy SJS Attorney 

Pursuing compensation for SJS requires highly experienced counsel. The ideal lawyer has specific expertise in handling complex drug liability and personal injury claims. They know how to build an airtight case proving misconduct on the manufacturer’s part.

Opt for an attorney with a proven record of securing sizable settlements and jury awards in SJS cases. Past victories indicate their ability to successfully confront powerful pharmaceutical companies.

Get Justice With The Help of an  Experienced SJS lawyer

SJS can upend everything without warning. However, holding negligent manufacturers accountable delivers a sense of resolution. With an expert SJS lawyer guiding your case, justice comes closer within reach. With SJS impacting all aspects of life, you’ll want to make sure to get an SJS advocate truly dedicated to achieving justice.

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