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Devon Wylie Cause Of Death What Happened To Devon Wylie? How Devon Wylie Die?

devon wylie cause of death

The sudden and tragic passing of former Kansas City Chiefs star Devon Wylie at age 35 has sent shockwaves through the sports world. Widely-regarded for his strong on-and off-field presence, his death was announced by Fresno State – leaving a hole in many hearts that knew and loved him as player, teammate, and friend.

Early Life and College Career

Devon Wylie began his football journey in California, where his outstanding high school skills earned him a scholarship to Fresno State. There, as a wide receiver he made an impression and amassed 98 receptions for 1,327 yards and eight touchdowns during college – two punt-return touchdowns earning him third team All-American recognition as well as outstanding performances that led to being named MVP at Fresno State as senior. These experiences set the foundation for what would eventually become a promising professional path.

Professional Football Career

Wylie made his professional football debut in 2012 when the Kansas City Chiefs selected him in the fourth round of the NFL draft. As an inaugural member of their roster, he quickly made an impressionful contribution – participating in six games as an all-around contributor returning punts and kickoffs while providing significant offensive contributions – during his brief but remarkable time on the team’s offense. While his time with them may have been brief but their impactful team ethic remains undiminished by Wylie’s agility and dedication on the field.

Once Wylie finished with the Chiefs, his career saw him play for eight different football teams before making an encore performance with Toronto Argonauts in 2017. This period in Wylie’s career was marked by changes, yet also marked by resilience and passion for his beloved sport.

Life Beyond Football

Following his football career, Wylie pursued other interests – one being music. His social media posts on Instagram featured musical talent; showing another side to him that was artistic, creative, and expressive.

Devon Wylie’s Legacy

News of Devon Wylie’s passing was met with heartfelt tributes that honored not just his athletic role but his enduring impact as an individual and beloved coach at Fresno State Football. John Baxter expressed deep sadness upon hearing of Wylie’s demise, remembering him not just as an excellent footballer but as a beloved brother son teammate as well. Fresno State University honored Wylie by honoring him with its statement recognizing his lasting impact on their football legacy: “Forever a Bulldog.”

Unnamed family member shared their sorrow on social media through an untitled post that honored Wylie’s memory by recalling how his presence brought joy, laughter and inspiration to his loved ones. Wylie was fondly remembered for his love of life, humor and talents that went far beyond football – this post painted an intimate portrait of someone much greater than his athletic accomplishments alone.

Cause of Death and Remembering Devon Wylie

Devon Wylie died due to causes unknown. Here are details on his death and its significance for Devon Wylie’s family and rememberance of Devon Wylie.

At present, the cause of Devon Wylie’s death remains a mystery, adding an additional sense of loss for his family, friends, and the football community as a whole. His influence can be felt far beyond just football circles – there was so much love and appreciation among his acquaintances for whom his loss has made an indelible mark in so many lives.

As we remember Devon Wylie, it’s essential to acknowledge his multidimensional life. Not only was he an accomplished football player; he was also a musician, comedian, family member and friend whose journey through life is filled with notable achievements and personal passions he enthusiastically embraced with gusto and grace.


Devon Wylie’s unexpected passing serves as a stark reminder of life’s fragility, yet his legacy will live on in the form of fond memories and profound gratitude from those he touched with his talent, humor and generosity of spirit. While sports world and loved ones mourn his departure, they also rejoice in honoring someone who epitomized everything that makes a true Bulldog so revered – tenaciousness, spirit and deeply held friendships among them all.

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