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Kevin Mcalpine Cause Of Death Who Was Kevin Mcalpine? How Kevin Mcalpine Die?

kevin mcalpine cause of death

Golfing circles are in mourning with the sudden, tragic passing of Kevin McAlpine at age 39, announced by his former football player father Hamish McAlpine and confirmed by an autopsy scheduled to determine the exact cause of Kevin’s passing. In this piece we honor Kevin’s life by exploring his journey in golf, contributions made as caddie, and implications from his sudden demise.

Who was Kevin McAlpine?

Born into a family with a rich sports heritage, Kevin McAlpine chose a path distinct from his father, Hamish McAlpine, a renowned footballer. Kevin’s inclination towards golf led him to remarkable achievements in his amateur career, including winning the prestigious Scottish Amateur championship. This success opened doors for him at Colorado State University, where he showcased exceptional talent in collegiate golf.

However, McAlpine’s professional golf aspirations encountered a setback with a torn anterior cruciate ligament injury, which delayed his entry into professional golf until 2010. Despite his dedication and skill, he found it challenging to establish a foothold in the professional golf scene, participating in local, lower-level tournaments across the United States and Europe, including some events on the Challenge Tour and the DP World Tour.

Transition to a Successful Caddie Career

Realizing the need to pivot, McAlpine embraced a new role as a caddie, demonstrating the same passion and commitment he had as a player. He forged a successful partnership with professional golfer Lexi Thompson, contributing significantly to her victory at the 2017 Indy Women in Tech Championship. Their collaboration lasted through much of the 2018 season, marking a high point in McAlpine’s career as a caddie.

In 2021, McAlpine teamed up with Martin Laird, his former teammate from Colorado State University. This partnership not only symbolized a reunion of former teammates but also marked a new chapter in McAlpine’s career, underlining his adaptability and dedication to the sport of golf.

Personal Life and Relationships

McAlpine’s personal life also garnered attention, particularly his marriage to LPGA star Anna Nordqvist. Though they were in the process of divorce at the time of his passing, his relationship with Nordqvist was a notable aspect of his life outside the golf course.

The Sudden Departure of Kevin McAlpine

Kevin McAlpine’s unexpected death came as a shock to the golfing community. His father, Hamish McAlpine, confirmed it in America but has yet to disclose details as to its cause of death. Many were shocked and saddened at this unexpected loss as Kevin was widely respected and loved among peers and fans.

Impact and Legacy

McAlpine’s sudden passing has left an indelible mark on those who knew and loved him. He will long be remembered for his love of golf, dedication as a caddie and kindness shown towards all those he interacted with – leaving a gaping hole behind among his family, friends and colleagues within golf.


Kevin McAlpine’s life story is an inspiring testament of resilience and adaptability. His journey from golf player to successful caddie despite facing significant obstacles is truly remarkable, while his legacy not only rests with professional achievements but also those impacted by his dedication and kindness off-course. Golf community will remember Kevin not just for professional contributions but also who he was personally. Even after arrangements are finalized for a memorial service for Kevin his memory will live on in hearts he touched as arrangements continue for memorial services dedicated to Kevin. Kevin McAlpine’s story serves as a poignant reminder of life’s unpredictability while celebrating passions over mere mortal.

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