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Pokemon TCG Paldean Fates Release Date Everything We Know So Far!

Exciting news for Pokemon TCG enthusiasts! The highly anticipated Scarlet & Violet – Paldean Fates set has officially been announced for the western market. With a plethora of new cards, including stunning Shiny Pokemon variants, this expansion is set to take the TCG world by storm. In this article, we’ll delve into all the essential details you need to know about this colorful and unique addition to the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

The Paldea Region’s Unexplored Mysteries

While the Gen 9 Pokemon games have already made their mark in the TCG, there’s still much uncharted territory from the Paldea region waiting to be discovered. The Paldea Evolved TCG set served as a tantalizing glimpse into what’s to come, leaving fans eager for more.

Japanese Debut: Shiny Treasure ex Set

In keeping with the tradition of introducing cards first in Japanese sets, Paldean Fates will make its debut appearance in Japan’s Shiny Treasure ex set, scheduled for release in December 2023. This means Japanese trainers will get a sneak peek at the new cards before the western release.

Official Announcement

The long-awaited confirmation came on November 16, 2023, when the official Pokemon TCG Twitter account unveiled the Scarlet & Violet – Paldean Fates set. This exciting expansion promises to introduce an array of new Shiny Pokemon to the game, setting the stage for thrilling battles and collectible opportunities.

Release Date Revealed

Mark your calendars, trainers! The Scarlet & Violet – Paldean Fates set is poised to launch on January 26th, 2024, bringing a burst of excitement to the TCG community. This release date is strategically set six weeks after the Japanese Shiny Treasure ex set’s launch, ensuring that spoilers will be circulating well in advance.

Product Rollout

As with previous Pokemon TCG sets, Paldean Fates will offer a staggered release of new products. The schedule includes:

  1. Premium Collection on February 6
  2. Mini Tins and Tins on February 9
  3. Booster Bundle on February 23

These additional releases provide collectors and players with various options to enhance their Paldean Fates card collections.

New Cards Galore

Prepare to be amazed by the sheer number of cards in the Scarlet & Violet – Paldean Fates set, which boasts over 240 cards in total. Among them, over 100 Shiny Pokemon cards with alternate colors promise to dazzle collectors. Additionally, the set will introduce brand-new Pokemon ex cards, along with six hyper rare cards and some full-art Supporter Cards.

Shiny Pokemon Delights

The highlight of this expansion undoubtedly lies in its Shiny Pokemon cards, and several have already been confirmed by The Pokemon Company. Some of the featured Shiny Pokemon in Paldean Fates include Shiny Pikachu, Shiny Tinkaton, Shiny Ceruledge, Shiny Dondozo, and more. These visually stunning cards are sure to be highly sought after.

Paradox Pokemon from Scarlet & Violet

Fans of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet games will be thrilled to find that Paldean Fates includes Paradox Pokemon from these titles. Look out for familiar names like Great Tusk and Iron Treads, who will appear as Ancient and Future Pokemon ex cards, adding a unique twist to your battles.

Shiny Tera Pokemon ex Cards

Charizard, Forretress, and Espartha are among the Shiny Tera Pokemon ex cards expected to make an appearance in the Paldean Fates set. These powerful and dazzling creatures are sure to make a significant impact on the TCG meta.

Preorder Your Elite Trainer Box

Good news for eager collectors – you can already secure your copy of the Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet: Paldean Fates expansion in the form of an Elite Trainer Box, priced at $59.99. This box includes a selection of booster packs, card sleeves, dice, and more, making it a valuable addition to any trainer’s collection.

Stay Tuned for Updates

As more information becomes available, or if additional sets are announced, we will keep you updated with the latest news. Be sure to check back for the most current details on the Scarlet & Violet – Paldean Fates expansion. In the meantime, explore our Pokemon TCG hub for more comprehensive coverage and stay ahead in your TCG journey.

The Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet – Paldean Fates set promises an exhilarating and colorful addition to the TCG universe. With an abundance of new cards, including captivating Shiny Pokemon variants, trainers can look forward to an exciting start to 2024. Start prepping your decks and mark your calendars for January 26th, 2024, because this expansion is bound to be a game-changer in the world of Pokemon TCG.

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