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Corrections Policy

Corrections Policy 

Llanelli Herald LLC would like to make users aware of our Correction Policy and all about the Corrective Measures we would take in case any Misinformation is placed on our website. We are fully aware of our responsibility and our accountability towards our readers. We at Llanelli Herald think that it is our responsibility to inform all our readers at the Earliest.  


The Llanelli Herald aims to provide precise and comprehensive news coverage to its audience, utilizing all the relevant information available at the time of reporting. Our team is committed to swiftly rectifying any errors found in the material published on our website as soon as we become aware of them. As a digital platform, we make corrections and clarifications on our social media accounts, and we also share an editor’s note detailing the correction made, along with the specifics of the error. If we make a significant mistake that could result in disseminating incorrect information, we promptly and properly apologise to our readers.

Updating A Report 

We have a practice of adding notes to stories that have been updated. It’s crucial for us to use correction, clarification or editor’s notes to inform readers whenever we correct a significant mistake or include comments and updates from a stakeholder in a story. If we find any errors during our fact-check process, which is conducted according to our Fact-Check Policy (accessible at “Fact-Check Policy”), we update the article accordingly. At the top of the article, we indicate the update in bold with the statement “[Correction: updated Info…]” and provide an explanation of the correction made. We encourage our community members to send corrections to [email protected]. Moreover, at the bottom of each article, we offer readers the option to suggest corrections if any.


At Llanelli Herald if we commit any mistake with, an article, photo caption, headline, graphic, video or other material we would rectify those mistakes by explaining why we added that mistake earlier. 


If the language used to convey factual information in our journalism is not sufficiently clear or detailed, we rewrite it and add clarification to the story. Additionally, if we neglected to seek a comment or response initially, a clarification is added to note any new information or changes to our account of an event resulting from further reporting.

Editor’s Notes 

If a Story or an article faces an Ethical Predicament whether the whole article or a significant part of the Article is in question then the consultation should be with the Editor. A senior editor would approve the addition of any notes that the editor wants to add. 

Other Correction’s Policy 

If a reader identifies an error in our content and shares it in the comment section, our community engagement team acknowledges the correction in the comments. In case we mistakenly publish inaccurate information on social media, we correct it on that platform. If it’s not possible to correct it, we retract the incorrect information. We refrain from attributing fault to specific reporters or editors by using phrases such as “because of a reporting error” or “because of an editing error”.

Reporting Inaccuracies

If any of our reader believes that the story we published is inaccurate in any any sense, then the reader can report the inaccuracy and suggest the correction and mail the correction at [email protected]

Take Down Policy 

As a matter of our own editorial Policy, we do not pay heed to any Take Down Requests. If any readers finds any mistake in the content then one can report and we’ll investigate the claim and if found to be correct then we’ll rectify the mistake and publish it. 

The situations where all the fairness demands an update or follow-up on the grievance then we will try to rectify the mistake but we will not remove the content as if it never existed before.

When we publish any content that is personal in nature, we will take down the content if it brings any personal harm to the person whose content is published.