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Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy 

Llanelli Herald is a news Website that Produces content around News. The Content which we produce is not just bound to the Borders between Nations instead of that we try to make our content more for a Global Audience. 

Editorial Values 

.Accountability And Transparency 

Llanelli Herald tries to operate free from bias and prejudice around a subject. We believe in Honesty which surrounds our content and by Sharing the values around Honesty we are confident about our content that we do not bow down towards any pressure be it Political. All the Contributors and consumers are to be treated equally and fairly. 

We at Llanelli Herald are accountable for every mistake we make and we are receptive towards Criticism and are striving towards making our Platform better by learning. We will also be transparent till the End. Llanelli Herald also Follows The Human Rights Act, of 1988.  


Llanelli Herald is confident that we provide content that is free from partiality. There is no place for discrimination of Colour, Gender, Caste, Creed, Social Pressure or Political Interests. The dialogue around controversial Topics is done to get the diversity of opinions. We Strive Towards Providing our news just on a principle which is Fact. 

Legality and Responsibility 

Llanelli Herald aims to produce work with facts, we are also responsible for the safety and vulnerability of our sources. We are also responsible for maintaining the Standards of Journalism and protecting Women And Children. We also work within the principles and law of the Land. 


Llanelli Herald is always a true believer in maintaining Privacy. We do not believe in the infringement of Privacy without any good reason. We do not divulge private behaviour or any conversation that is private in nature. We believe while reporting sensitive Information and we believe in concealing the identities of the victims and in no way we would disrespect the dead. 


As we maintain basic Journalistic Standards, we also know the value of Ethics in Journalism which helps us bring truth to the Fore. We also believe in following the basic standards which are followed around the globe. 

Honesty And Fairness

We at Llanelli Herald try to minimalize our Factual errors. We try and Stay true to Fact. We strive not to mislead our readers in any way. We think of taking criticism and reverting them with facts too. 

Respect for Privacy 

We try and Distinguish between Facts and opinion which is the backbone of good Journalism. Discrimination towards any Caste, creed, colour, race, etc is completely prohibited in our Organization. Any dishonest means of getting information is not supported in our Organization. We would like to not endanger anyone. To maintain a general standard of Decency and taste. We at Llanelli Herald try to stay away from preconceived notions about any guilt and try to provide information irrespective of any Bias and Prejudice.  

Using the Guidelines 

Llanelli Herald Guidelines apply to all of our Content Creators and these standards do apply to everyone responsible for making and output of our content. These Standards do help us standardize and make a common denominator for following the policies. We Strive Towards making our content informational and on the highest ethical standards. Senior Editors must be discussed before any output of Information which is stepping outside the realms of Editorial Guidelines. 

Roles And Responsibilities

Editorial Responsibility 

The Responsibility for editing lies with the Llanelli Herald Editor Team. 

Content Producer 

Everyone Including the Team of Freelancers is required to know about the Editorial Policy. 

Using the Guidelines 

The Content Produces are expected to use their Mind In writing Content, If the Topic is Controversial they are advised to consult with their Senior Editor and if there is any need for Legal Advise they can ask for it. Editors need to be always available for the content producers whenever they need help with anything. 


When Editors feel a little dilemmatic about some topic then the producer should consult the higher officer to consult. 

Editorial Policy 

Our team of Editors is available for content Producers at any time. The Content producers are advised to not breach any editorial policy and follow them for producing fine Content. The Guidelines are also framed based on Editorial Policy which is trusted to be of the Highest Standard by Llanelli Herald. 

Principles And Practices – Fact Check 

The Principles are the Standards which every piece comes as an output from Llanelli Herald. The Time And Place of produced content is not a matter of concern for it to be Factually Correct. 

The Principle is to be followed before writing every word. These Practices help us to meet the standards of Editorial Policy. They are Obligatory to ensure Llanelli Herald is met in compliance with editorial policy. We are Striving towards making content which is free from any Bias and Prejudice.

Llanelli Herald Follows a set of Practices to :

Make it insightful and relevant 

As this Rule is really hard to follow and we serve a purpose to be insightful and relevant instead of Filling our website.

Be the Authority 

Llanelli Herald owns up to its content because we believe in the quality of our content and we trust that our style of precise writing will not go out of style. 

Avoid Short, Unsubstantial Messages 

We believe that Search Engines are not looking for a Minimum word count but they are looking for High Quality Content. We are adamant about building trust with our readers and search engines will not think of us as Spammers. 

Engage Your Reader From the Start 

Engaging the Readers with the story that matters from the start is our goal at Llanelli Herald. We advise the Content producers to not bury any link which gives a better understanding of what the news was all about. 

Make Your Story easy to digest everywhere 

Our Content is framed to be consumed on Mobile which has the Style and Substance. Shorter Headlines, Bullet Points, and Bolding are all done to make the Story engageable and that can be digested everywhere. 

Guidance and Ethics 

The Editorial Guidelines are supported by guidance which is given by Senior Editor.

Other Sources of Advice and Corrections 


Journalism/Reporting is the Subject of many different laws ranging from Defamation and contempt to obscenity, Privacy, Incitement and health & safety. The Content which we produce may attract legal ramifications so the producers are advised to seek legal advice when necessary. The Content Producer may seek legal advice on their own. 

When considering the issues raised by Editorial Guidelines it is often necessary to distinguish between the Law and the Ethics which Llanelli Herald follows. When there is a dilemma between Ethics and Law where the content is Legal to Publish but ethically it might not be right to publish then Llanelli Herald will prefer the latter. This means lawyers can provide legal advice but the editors have the final call to publish. 

Use Of Language 

We at Llanelli Herald believe in providing news with facts without our own opinion. We thrive on the Accuracy and Responsibility of our content. 

Threats and Hoaxes 

Receiving threats from any source which can be through calls, email, robocalls, text messages must be reported to the Authorities at Llanelli Herald. Any Sensitive Security Details must not be released, which is against the policy. We do not believe in spreading fake news which can lead to danger for public security. 

Official Secrets Act 

When we Report Conflict, we advise our content producers to seek legal and editorial advice. When dealing with Official secrets Acts should be dealt with in accordance with the act. 

Re-Use and Reversioning 

We at Llanelli Herald hold the copyright for the content which we produce. If any Organization wants to reproduce our content in any form must seek permission from our Editors and if given the credits must be attributed to the Llanelli Herald. 

Llanelli Herald also wants the other publishers to follow the same guidelines when reproducing the content.

Conflicts of Interests 

Conflict of Interest shows the diversity of Opinions which is in an organization. It applies when outside relations affect the credibility of Llanelli Herald. 

Llanelli Herald Always strives to work for the Public interests, Readers, that our editorial work will be from any bias or prejudice. 

All the producers need to update their personal interests which might be in conflict with Llanelli Herald Policy. 

Copyright and other Intellectual Property 


Intellectual Property Rights Also includes:



Industrial design 


Geographical Indications 

The Various Laws which are followed are The Copyright Act, The Trade and Merchandise Marks Act, The Patents Act and The Designs Act. 

Feedbacks and Complaints 

We at Llanelli Herald are made from our readers. We are committed to taking criticism and working to make the readability and user experience as best as it can be. We also welcome critical analysis of all the content we produce. The Complaint policy of Llanelli Herald can be accessed through our HR policy.